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Salutations! We’re delighted you’ve found one of our fantastic What Moms Love Gift Guides for Kids. You can breathe a sigh of relief if you’re looking for the perfect toy for your child (or niece, or nephew, or friend’s boy, or…well, you get the idea), because this is where you’ll find it. The gift that will elicit gasps of delight when opened and will not be relegated to the bottom of a deep, dark storage container.
Instead of concentrating on one of your child’s interests (as we do in our Gift Guides for Builders, Car/Truck Junkies, Super Hero/Star Wars, Princess and Doll Lovers), we’re looking at stocking stuffer presents that span a wide variety of interests – from toys to technology.
Stockings are typically your child’s first taste of Christmas; they’re the first item they wear, and they’re usually so happy that they’ll think everything you put in them is pretty amazing. But it’s mostly just “filler” that they won’t use or play with, and if it’s tossed away with the wrapping paper, no one will notice.

Stocking stuffers for teens | what i got my teen

We asked teenage girls in the know for the coolest stocking stuffers around that aren’t too expensive. We have it all, from the coolest games and trendy jewelry to must-have beauty supplies and comfortable finds!
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Stocking stuffers for teens! | what’s in my 14 year

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Stocking stuffers for teen girls | what’s in my 13

Stocking stuffers for teen boys may appear to be the most difficult item on your Christmas shopping list, but fear not. I’m here to assist you. I spoke with my teen and almost-teen sons to get the inside scoop.
Stockings are a tradition in our house on Christmas morning. Next, everybody grabs their stockings. You should be aware that a number of the items on this list are larger than what would fit in a stocking. The explanation for this is because Santa likes to roll things up and surround the stocking with smallish presents, giving the appearance that the stocking is bursting at the seams with goodies…which it is!
What’s in your stocking on Christmas morning is critical, as I’ve mentioned in previous stocking stuffer guides. Stocking stuffers must be useful and/or interesting, according to my “rules.” NO MORE GOODWILL Products Approved! The Amazon Services LLC Associates Program is a program in which Learning Well LLC participates. Qualifying transactions earn me money as an Amazon Associate. On this website, affiliate links from Amazon and other programs are used. Please see our disclosure statement for more detail.

Stocking stuffers for teens! | what’s in my 15

Let’s talk about stocking stuffers for a moment. In the last few years, my children have told me that stockings are probably their favorite part of the Christmas morning festivities. They’re still surprised at how much stuff I can fit in there! (Just to be certain… I am the mother of one adolescent and two young adults. They also get stocking stuffers, but I’ve also been known to give an adult friend or family member a completely stuffed stocking!)
I have a Christmas budget, but it’s not too rigid (although that’s probably not the best way to budget). What I spend is determined by the amount of money we have that year. The same can be said for gifts. I set a target for how much I want to spend in total—gifts and stockings are both deducted from that total. There are affiliate links in this article. That One Mom is an Amazon Affiliate, as well as an affiliate with other firms, and may be compensated for purchases made through the links provided. Visitors are never obligated to click on the links or buy something.