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Essential oils have a market value of more than $5.1 billion and are forecast to hit $25 billion by 2024. Young Living is at the epicenter of it all. The Lehi, Utah-based company has built a burgeoning wellness business with a network of farms that stretches from a sandalwood restoration project in Hawaii to an Arabian Frankincense Distillery in Oman. It is on a mission to help customers all over the world “elevate their spirit, promote healthier lifestyles, achieve whole-life wellbeing, and build lasting abundance” through “therapeutic-grade essential oils” and oil-based cosmetics. According to a recent complaint, the 26-year-old multi-level marketing business is more accurately defined as a “cult-like pyramid scheme.”
According to a proposed class action lawsuit filed this month in federal court in Texas by Young Living member Julie O’Shaughnessy, the company “purports to sell ‘essential oils’ through a complicated [multi-level marketing] operation,” a model that is “overwhelmingly dependent on the recruitment of new people into the Young Living sales for profit.”

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Young Living was one of the first big essential oils firms on the market, helping to start an industry that is worth billions of dollars today. The business is based on the legend of its creator, who was inspired to devote his life to natural medicine after a remarkable medical recovery. However, the story isn’t quite as it seems, and those who believe it often pay a high price. Nicole Einbinder, a Business Insider investigative reporter, delves into the facts about Young Living and its creator, Gary Young. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and other platforms.
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CHARLIE HERMAN: I’m Charlie Herman, and I’m a writer. Imagine a cave that is dark and ominous, illuminated only by torchlight. There’s a guy wandering through it who kind of looks like Indiana Jones — you know, khaki shirt, weathered jacket, a fedora hat. He’s searching for the “chamber of longevity,” a hidden cavern where the “elixir of life” can be found. He sees hundreds of unused medicinal items as he carries his torch across the cave: hollow pill bottles, vials, and sprays. INDIANA YOUNG: That’s exactly what I was thinking. Poor quality goods can never stand the test of time. CH: Hieroglyphics of plants, droplets, and vases are etched into the stone.

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Dr. Mike Buch, Young Living’s chief science officer, said, “The pristine conditions in the Rocky Mountains allow Nature’s Ultra to source pure CBD from Colorado hemp fields that are grown without the use of pesticides.” “By combining our oils with this high-quality isolate, we can deliver a Smart-Spectrum commodity that isn’t short on quality, and Nature’s Ultra CBD oils can proudly show the Young Living logo because they follow our strict Seed to Seal Standards.”
Nature’s Ultra farms and cultivation practices have earned Young Living’s Seed to Seal approval after being thoroughly tested. Its industry-leading hemp farms infuse 0 percent THC and Young Living essential oils using organic and sustainable farming practices.
“It’s a health match made in heaven—Young Living is the world leader in essential oils, and CBD belongs in that vacuum,” Nature’s Ultra founder and CEO Richard Ricketts said. “Their Seed to Seal dedication to quality was so similar to ours that it was only natural for us to collaborate to bring high-quality CBD to the planet.”