Wpi undergraduate calendar 17-18

Wpi undergraduate calendar 17-18

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The primary aim of WPI Mobile Networks Data is to complete the production framework that was started in the previous ESSnet. A modular, rather than a linear, approach would be used to avoid possible research roadblocks caused by difficulties in obtaining real data, as well as to optimally improve the various elements of the production system.
Because of the modular approach, the project will be able to focus on a variety of facets of the system, such as data connectivity and the relationship with Mobile Network Operators. Other important aspects include methodological and IT elements (which allow the identification of required skills and capabilities), quality issues, standard proposals and related metadata, and statistical product dissemination (mainly visualization thus orienting the outputs towards stakeholders). This line of research would be the first to use instrumental (semi-simulated) data that closely resembles real data (when real data is unavailable).

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Students and faculty in the Mathematics Department are using evolutionary graph theory to research the rate of evolution in spatially organized populations, which can help estimate significant events in our evolutionary history, such as when humans separated from our closest primate relatives, thanks to a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant.
Students are critical in every area of Associate Professor of Economics Rebecca Moryl’s work, as her research in economics education has centered on creativity in the classroom and discovering ways to help students apply economic theories to real-world circumstances.
Eileen knew two things when it came to choosing a college: she wanted to be able to get to know her professors and colleagues, and she wanted to be in an environment where she could pursue a variety of research and medical opportunities.
As the Arab Spring became international news in 2011, Robert’s interest in the workings of the world grew. “Knowing the past of the states as well as their current affairs made their decisions and relationships much more important to me,” he said.

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