Women taking a shower

Women taking a shower

Sharing a tiny shower stall with a grown man is always treacherous, whether you’re jumping in the shower together to save time, save water (TBT to all those sassy Hollister graphic tees! ), or making an honest attempt at shower sex. Most showers are designed for one person, so cramming two people into one is like trying to cram too many clothes into your suitcase. Getting all *wet and soapy* with your partner can be hot AF if done correctly. Just keep an eye out for slipping.
1. You are welcome to use my shampoo, but please use it sparingly because the bottle cost me $20.
Do you notice how my hair still seems to be bathed in the rays of a thousand suns? That’s because my shampoo is top-notch and can contain real gold flecks, so take care when you squeeze it.
2. Water and lube are not the same thing, and my vagina feels like sandpaper when I use them together.
All that slick, watery goodness, you may be thinking, how convenient; sex will be a breeze!
This is completely incorrect. All of that water simply washes away any… natural lubricant I may have. You can do all you want, but this problem will not go away in terms of sex.

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Taking a bath seems to be a simple task. Turn on the shower, lather up with soap, clean, and rinse, and you’re done. Isn’t it easy enough? Things can get a little complicated when the brutally cold winter air dries out your skin. How to keep your skin looking moisturized and radiant in spite of the cold is a major winter beauty issue. The response begins in the shower: 1. Take shorter, hotter showers and baths.
When the weather outside is frightful, scalding hot showers feel wonderful, but they dry out the skin by eliminating the natural oils that are still being battered by the winter air. Take a short, lukewarm bath instead. It’s kinder to your skin and holds moisture in. 2. Use a moisturizing soap or body wash: Alkalines in most soaps dry out the skin. To stay moisturized, look for fatted goods, which are those that contain a lot of oils. 3. Pat dry your skin: When your bathroom isn’t filled with glorious steam from your scalding hot shower and you’re a little cold after getting out of the pool, rubbing the towel over your skin might be tempting. Rubbing, on the other hand, is rough and removes most of the moisture that remains after a soak. Patting the skin helps to retain moisture and keeps it looking healthy. 4. Oils and butters: Using lotion in the winter is the equivalent to drinking flavored water when you just need a hearty smoothie. Purchase skin care ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. These are usually thicker, more strong, and greasy in texture, and are packaged in tubs rather than bottles. Also, alcohol-based goods should be avoided at all costs. Subscribe to Our NewsletterSubscribe to Our Newsletter This post was sponsored by Dove. ShoppingEveryday Beauty for Everyday Women: Keep Your Hands Looking Smooth and Soft This Winter

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Excessive exposure to soap and water, especially very warm or hot water, can disrupt the acid mantle, a thin layer of fatty acids and sebum (oil) that protects skin from external pollutants and keeps it from being dry, flaky, and itchy. People with skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema can find this especially aggravating. Furthermore, excessive showering can destroy the skin’s microbiome, which consists of colonies of beneficial organisms such as bacteria and fungi that aid in the immune system’s defense against infectious microbes. A full-body shower every other day or even every third day is likely to suffice for many people. Per day, scrub underarms and clean the groin area with a clean washcloth, and change into fresh underwear to ensure adequate personal hygiene.

The good news is that your vaginal “machine” cleans itself.

In other words, your vagina cleans itself as part of its work.

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When you need to clean “down there,” however, the easiest way is to use water to gently remove any dirt or debris. If you do use a cleanser, make sure it is a gentle cleaner. Stop perfumed items because they can irritate the skin. Use gentle cleansers that are hypoallergenic and pH-balanced. Try not to overclean the area because this can disrupt the natural growth of bacteria in the vaginal area, potentially resulting in infection. Finally, try to avoid taking baths and instead take showers. Bath water contains bacteria from the skin, so sitting in the tub allows these bacteria to enter the genital area, potentially increasing the risk of a urinary tract infection.
As previously said, the safest way of prevention is to clean down below with water (with or without a mild soap). Using fluffy, white, unscented toilet paper and unscented feminine goods in addition to avoiding bubble baths. Also, stay away from anything that will cause dampness in the region. That means changing your underwear after a workout and taking off your bathing suit as soon as you get out of the water.