Wind of change academy

Wind of change academy

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Our receptionists have been trained to provide excellent customer service and can assist you with lesson scheduling as well as any other concerns you might have about our music school. They are patient, polite, and competent at the same time.
We take pride in the instruments we use: half of our pianos (Kimball, Baldwin) are acoustic, making them ideal for advanced piano lessons. The other half is an electric piano (full size 88 keys, weighted keys) that is used for voice lessons. Each room has a large mirror on the wall (for voice and violin lessons). We use flexible benches and foot stools for piano lessons. Continue reading…
We give a 15-minute free trial lesson at our music school to see if you like it. You should experiment with various teachers and instruments before you find someone you enjoy. Please keep in mind that we never increase our prices for students. You always stick to the price you agreed to when you signed up.
At our music school, there is no contract and no registration fee. Payments will be made on a monthly basis (on the same day and time per week). We also have payment and scheduling options for individual lessons. We like it if you come because you like your lessons rather than because you have to!

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Many of us are challenging every aspect of our values and self-worth as a result of the wind of change that has swept through our lives. Our interpersonal relationships, and, most specifically, our interpersonal relationships with ourselves.
The Academy will take you on a journey to examine these obstacles from various angles and teach you how to not only consider but also welcome this wind of change, fearlessly and confidently.
When my curiosity in the Mind, Body, and Spirit was first piqued over 30 years ago, I started my own journey. I read a lot and looked into every source of knowledge I could get my hands on from all over the world. I looked into some of them further and dismissed others; unfortunately, there is as much nonsense as there is sense when it comes to this issue!
A individual is made up of three parts: mind, body, and spirit. Each makes a difference to the individual as a whole. We can only reach our maximum potential when all of these factors are in balance. This has never been more critical than now, when our communities are being destroyed by the Corona Virus. This is a wind that is raging through every fiber of our being, wreaking havoc on our health, relationships, and forcing us to reconsider many facets of our lives. The Winds of Change Academy will assist you in surviving this storm. All shifts as the wind blows. It has the ability to kill anything in its way at times, but it can also be the beginning of new life at other times.

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On 3 February 1960 in Cape Town, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan delivered the “Wind of Change” speech to the South African Parliament. He’d been to a number of British colonies in Africa for a month. [1] The speech made it clear that the Conservative Party, which controls the British government, had no intention of preventing many of those territories from gaining independence. [two] [3] From 1945 to 1951, the Labour Party was in power, and it began the process of decolonization; however, since 1951, Conservative governments have stalled or at least delayed the policy.
In reality, this was Macmillan’s second time giving this speech, as he was repeating an address he had given in Accra, Ghana (formerly the British colony of the Gold Coast) on 10 January 1960, which had elicited little response. This time, however, it attracted media attention, owing in part to the stony reception it got.

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Can you recall the Scorpions’ song from a few years ago? It’s all about the shift that’s in the air, and it’s bringing us new possibilities. Some people believe that the only constant in our lives is change. It adds excitement to our lives and gives us a boost of energy. We would perish if we did not adjust.
Shift, on the other hand, can be disturbing for most of us. We are prone to resisting improvement. We are at ease where we are and are afraid of what the future will offer us. We can feel as though we are no longer in control, as if we don’t have a choice, and as if we are alone in this.
Structure and predictability appeal to people. We commute to work on the same road every day, use the same shampoo for years, brew our coffee at the same time, and ski at the same resort every winter. We almost forget that shift occurs every day: roadworks that force us to alter our regular commute to school, a favorite coffee shop that closes unexpectedly, a meeting that is canceled. We seem to be able to adjust to these minor changes on a regular basis. It demonstrates our adaptability and resilience. We can also see the optimistic aspects of these improvements from time to time: The detour introduces us to a new part of the country; when looking for that other coffee shop, we run into an old friend who shows us a secret gem we would never have discovered on our own; and the canceled meeting allows us to catch up with a colleague.