Why do men like stockings

Why do men like stockings

Faq 24 -how do you feel about men who wear pantyhose

A woman wearing nothing but a garter belt, stockings, and high heels, at least in my opinion, is the hottest thing on the planet. Even a beautiful woman who is completely nude would look sexier when wearing this. I’m aware that several other guys (but not all) share my viewpoint. But then it occurred to me: why is this called the “sex uniform”? What do you think? I thought this would be a good topic for discussion. Edit: I was expecting something along the lines of “well, every guy is different.” Allow me to rephrase the issue. Why do you think a woman’s appearance is so incredibly sexy? It’s lingerie for me, but I’m not sure why I find it so appealing. Upvoted by 84 percent of 23 commentssharesavehidereport This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

Figster’s work Before you get the wrong idea and believe this is about cross-dressing or some lingerie fantasy, let me clarify. I believe that men need body-stockings that are specifically tailored for them. Many of us are familiar with women’s body stockings, but no one has produced any explicitly for men. Why are men required to wear body-stockings? Warmth, in a nutshell.
I run a lingerie and biker clothing store. I once sold a large quantity of crotch-less turtle neck body stockings to an electrician. Stockings with a simple design and no real frills. Naturally, I was curious as to why. He works outdoors all day in the cold, and wearing body-stockings underneath his clothes kept him warm and comfortable. It wasn’t the first time anyone had said it to me. I used to laugh at the thought. These macho guys could easily be seen in pantyhose. In fact, these are full-body stockings, not pantyhose. I ride my motorcycle all year, so any trick for staying warm piqued my interest. So I gave it a shot.
Now, I’ll confess that the first time I tried them on, I was a little uneasy. I’m not a wimp, and I’m proud of my manhood. However, I was concerned that they would be discovered by others. I finished putting on the rest of my gear and went for a bike ride. It was successful. With them on, I felt slightly warmer. I had previously worn long johns, but these were superior. I might even wear these under my long johns to add an extra layer of warmth in the winter.

Stockings and tights are worn by only real men who are fully confident in who they are and what they want!!

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Men who wear hosiery (or some other ‘abnormal’ attire) make wonderful lovers and companions.
Hello there – After having trouble sleeping in my favorite Pretty Polly Nylons, I discovered that M&S Autograph tights were the perfect combination of silkiness and warmth to replace my pyjama trousers after some trial and error. In bed, I’m snug and not too hot in my panties!
Tights and stockings are my favorites. The way the nylon glides up my thighs, the silky smooth feel to touch, the look, the comfort, and the secret of wearing tights every day to work under suit is addictive, thanks to lasering and shaving on occasion. Then, what’s stopping you? I believe that the more men who can crack the stigma, the more likely it is to become mainstream in the future. Those that do not are simply unaware of what they are missing. It’s their loss.
Because we should and because it’s a fun part of who we are, as everyone else has said. But don’t take our word for it; try it for yourself, preferably with shaved legs and heels, and see what all the fuss is about.

For decades, men’s dreams have been fueled by stockings. Stockings and suspenders, once associated with glum housewives, have taken on a new reputation as a sensual and supremely sexy style of hosiery for any woman seeking to explore her femininity. But why do men find stockings so appealing?
Stockings are not only fashionable, but they are also comfortable. Modern fashion stockings are made of silky nylon and are silky smooth to the touch, inviting a man’s hand to caress them. They also feel great on women, and since they expose the upper thighs, they are more relaxed in hot weather.
Sheer fashion stockings are a chic decoration for a shapely leg, as well as a sensual sensation of silky nylon on smooth skin. Seamed stockings, particularly when worn with a form-fitting pencil skirt, allow any woman to pretend to be a glamorous silver screen heroine for a day.
Most men love the look of Cuban heel stockings with a retro style 6 strap suspender belt and a sexy pair of stiletto heels. Black stockings, lace or fishnets, and, most importantly, stockings and suspenders, all fall into this category. They should, in reality, always be paired with a pair of sultry stilettos, ideally with impractically high heels.