Which statement identifies the impact parallelism can have when used in a speech?

Which statement identifies the impact parallelism can have when used in a speech?

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Consider how apt, vibrant, inclusive, and common the language is when contemplating how to use language effectively in your voice. The sections that follow describe and explain each of these elements of language, as well as why they are relevant in public speaking.
There are positive and negative ways to use words, just as there are positive and negative ways to use something else in life. When contemplating language use, one of the first principles that a speaker can understand is appropriateness. When we say acceptable, we’re talking about whether the language is appropriate for ourselves as speakers, our audience, the speaking sense, and the speech itself.
One of the first things to consider is if the language you want to use in a speech is compatible with your own speaking style. Not every choice of language is suitable for every speaker. You should choose a language that is fitting for you, not for anyone else. Even if you’re making a speech on new worlds, there’s no need to sound like an astrophysicist if you’re a first-year college student. One of the most common blunders made by inexperienced speakers is believing that using million-dollar words makes them sound smarter. Actually, million-dollar words don’t work well in oral speech to begin with, so using them as a speaker would most likely make you awkward. Furthermore, when you use such terms, it might be difficult for you or the audience to grasp the complexities of meaning, raising the possibility of denotative or connotative misunderstandings.

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“Through his use of language, President Donald Trump asserted his commonality with ‘the average American’ in his campaign: he used a limited vocabulary, informal grammatical structures, and displayed no regard for self-censorship. He fused populism with some of the tropes that are the traditions of political speeches in his inaugural address.”
President Trump’s inaugural address is succinct and grammatically straightforward. The speech is 1471 words long, similar to Barack Obama’s inaugural speech in 2009, which was 2404 words long. In contrast to Obama’s 171, Trump’s speech has 143 (non-embedded) finite clauses. Trump’s clauses are shorter than Obama’s, with an average of 10.28 words per finite clause for Trump and 14.08 for Obama. Trump uses 184 verbs (5.7 percent of overall word count), compared to 329 for Obama (13.6 percent ). The reason for these variations is that the majority of Trump’s sentences have a simple structure, consisting of one clause or simple connected clauses, such as

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Language is essential, as any skilled speaker or speechwriter would tell you. In fact, some of the most important and memorable lines in American history have come from presidents’ speeches: You don’t have to be a president or a well-known speaker to use language effectively. So, in this chapter, we’ll look at the meaning of language. We’ll start by talking about the differences between oral and written language, then move on to some specific language use guidelines, and finally, six main elements of language.
When we say “language,” we’re talking about the words you want to use in your vocabulary, so we’re talking about spoken language. Prior to the invention of written literature, there was still spoken language. If you think of the human history of language as a twelve-inch ruler, written or registered language has only existed for the “last quarter of an inch,” according to Wrench, McCroskey, and Richmond (Wrench, et al., 2008). Furthermore, only a small percentage of the world’s more than six thousand languages use a written alphabet (Lewis, 2009). We will first look at the basic functions of language before diving into the distinctions between oral and written language to better grasp the importance of language.

Which statement identifies the impact parallelism can have when used in a speech? 2021

Many human endeavors now involve the use of powerful, low-cost computers. However, the need for not only fast computers, but for ever-faster and higher-performing computers at the same or lower costs is less well known. The type and scale of exponential growth that has fueled the entire information technology industry is coming to an end. 1 Furthermore, a widening performance gap between processor performance and memory bandwidth, thermal-power problems and increasingly costly energy usage, threats to the historical rate of increase in transistor density, and a vast new class of computing applications all present the computer industry with a new set of challenges. Meanwhile, public standards for improved technology success continue to rise and show no signs of abating, emphasizing the need for methods to maintain exponentially rising performance across multiple dimensions. The critical engine that has fulfilled this need for the past 40 years is now in grave jeopardy, with significant consequences for our economy, military, academic institutions, and way of life.