Which statement best summarizes the role citizens play in a democracy?

Which statement best summarizes the role citizens play in a democracy?

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Canada is both a constitutional monarchy and a representative democracy based on the rule of law and respect for individual rights and liberties. The government operates in the name of the Crown, but it is the Canadian citizens who give it power.
The legislative structure in Canada is based on the British, or “Westminster,” tradition. The Crown, the Senate, and the House of Commons make up Parliament, and laws are passed after all three parties agree. Since Canada is a federal state, lawmaking is divided among one federal government, ten provincial governments, and three territorial governments. The judiciary is in charge of interpreting and applying the law and the Constitution, as well as making impartial decisions.
The Constitution of Canada lays out a collection of fundamental laws and principles that define the nature, duties, and limits of Canada’s federal and provincial governments. It determines the powers—legislative, executive, and judicial—may be exercised by which level of government, as well as their limits. It also establishes the Governor General’s powers and authorities, as well as those of the Senate and the House of Commons.

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Citizen journalism is a branch of citizen journalism and user-generated content (UGC). Courtney C. Radsch argues that the term “citizen,” with its attendant qualities of civic-mindedness and social responsibility, best describes this particular form of online & digital journalism conducted by amateurs, since it emphasizes the connection between the practice of journalism and its relation to the public sphere. [nine]
The growth of numerous online internet channels has made citizen journalism more feasible.
[8] New media technologies, such as social networking and media-sharing websites, as well as the the use of mobile phones, have made citizen journalism more available to people all over the world. Recent technical developments have begun to have a substantial political influence. [nine] People can also cover breaking news faster than conventional media reporters due to the availability of technology. The 2010 Haiti earthquake, the Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street campaign, the 2013 demonstrations in Turkey, the Euromaidan events in Ukraine, the Syrian Civil War, the 2014 Ferguson riots, and the Black Lives Matter movement are all notable examples of citizen journalism reporting from major world events.