Which revision would best strengthen the author’s main argument?

Which revision would best strengthen the author’s main argument?

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To be convincing, the case must have an organizational framework that the audience perceives as both rational and simple to understand. The Toulmin Method, Classical Method, and Rogerian Method are three argumentative methods that offer instructions on how to arrange points in an argument.
It’s worth noting that these are only three of the most popular models for structuring an argument. There are alternatives. If you’re not sure which to use, consult your teacher or refer to your assignment’s instructions (if any).
The Toulmin Method is a formula for constructing a solid logical basis for one’s arguments. The Toulmin Method, first suggested by author Stephen Toulmin in The Uses of Argument (1958), focuses on creating a detailed support system for each of an argument’s main arguments.
Counterclaim: A counterclaim should be anticipated that refutes the key points of your case. Don’t shy away from counter-arguments. Instead, familiarize yourself with the opposite viewpoint. You appear impartial if you answer to counterclaims (and, therefore, you earn the respect of your readers). You may even want to add a few counterclaims to prove that you’ve done your homework on the subject.

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You should be mindful that your college professors have a secret agenda. You may be shocked to discover this, but achieving their “other” target might be the most important aspect of your education. At the very least, any writing assignment serves the following two purposes:
As a consequence, any expository writing in which you formulate a thesis and try to prove it is an opportunity to exercise systematic, oriented thought practices that can lead to not only better papers but also sharper analytical skills overall.
Students are most likely to stutter and procrastinate during these early stages of writing, especially when defining supporting arguments, and when the strength of a paper’s thesis is often diluted due to a lack of rigorous thought. To help define and establish a solid theory, we will adapt Aristotle’s method of “discovering claims.” This approach can be extended to nonfiction writing in general, such as essays, research articles, book reports, and critical reviews.

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In high school or in composition class, you could be given an argumentative essay as a writing exercise. Sometimes, the prompt will ask you to argue on one of two sides and will use words like “argue” or “point.” It’ll almost always be in the form of a question.
The vast majority of essays or papers you write at university will contain some form of argumentation. Rhetorical and literary review essays, for example, both entail making statements about texts.
You won’t generally be told to write an argumentative essay in this situation, but presenting an evidence-based argument is an important aim of most academic writing, and unless you’re told otherwise, this should be your default approach.
Your research should lead you to a clear point of view on the topic. The essay then introduces your facts, assessment, and interpretation to inform the reader of your point of view.