Which of the following statements about native american civil rights are correct?

Which of the following statements about native american civil rights are correct?

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Nameless black brutes beat, maim, and kill in shows like Law and Order, Homicide: Life on the Streets, ER, and NYPD Blue. Deadline, a drama about an irascible journalism teacher, premiered on NBC on October 2, 2000. In the first episode, two young Gibsons, R.A. and J.D., are introduced (n.d.). Lynchings and race riots in the United States from 1890 to 1950 are referred to as the “Negro holocaust.” Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, New Haven, CT. http://www.yale.edu/ynhti/curriculum/units/1979/2/79.02.04.x.html was retrieved from http://www.yale.edu/ynhti/curriculum/units/1979/2/79.02.04.x.html.
C. Squires and R. Greer, Jr. (1994, October 30). Frustration increases as the hunt continues. The Herald-Journal is a newspaper published in New York City (Spartenberg S.C.). http://jclass.umd.edu/archive/newshoax/casestudies/crime/CrimeSmith1030a.html was retrieved from http://jclass.umd.edu/archive/newshoax/casestudies/crime/CrimeSmith1030a.html.

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“The Government of the United States are determined that their Administration of Indian Affairs shall be directed entirely by the great principles of Justice and humanity,” George Washington announced at the beginning of his first term as President, adding that “the Government of the United States are determined that their Administration of Indian Affairs shall be directed entirely by the great principles of Justice and humanity.”

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1 In June of 1789, the Washington government issued its first strategy against Native Americans. Following the Revolt, Secretary of War Henry Knox explained that the Continental Congress had provoked Native Americans excessively by insisting on American ownership of all land east of the Mississippi River. Native Americans had given up their right to land on the western frontier of American settlement by helping the British during the war, according to Congress. This viewpoint, however, overlooked the fact that only a small number of tribes had actually backed the British.
The Northwest Ordinance was passed by the Confederate Congress in 1787, allowing new American settlement in the Ohio Valley. To defend their territory, members of the Western Lakes Confederacy used armed resistance. As a result of these activities, Washington felt compelled to create a systematic system for handling Indian affairs. Washington declared that a similar procedure could extend to negotiations with Native Americans, referring to the constitutional grant of treaty-making powers to the president with the “advice and consent” of the Senate. The Senate agreed to the President’s wishes and recognized treaties as the foundation for dealing with Indians.

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Native American cultures are known for their diverse range of lifestyles, regalia, art forms, and values throughout the United States. The definition of the Pre-Columbian culture area, i.e. a geographical region with shared cultural characteristics, is widely used to describe indigenous North American culture. Salmon fishing, woodworking, large villages or cities, and a hierarchical social structure were all popular in the northwest culture region, for example. 1st
Though cultural characteristics, language, dress, and customs differ greatly from one tribe to the next, certain elements are similar and shared by several tribes. Native Americans were identified by early European American scholars as having a clan-based culture. [two]

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b. The presence of African history was initially denied, and then only accepted in relation to European colonialism; this changed in the 1960s, when a renewed interest in Africa ignited a scholarly upsurge in African studies.
e. Oral traditions were discovered to contain an untapped wealth of knowledge about African cultures, eclipsing the issue of a lack of written records, resulting in a sudden recognition of African history in the academic community.
c. European governments sponsored Christian missionaries with the aim of establishing a strong European presence in Africa, paving the way for European states to colonize the continent.
b. Although European arms were superior to African weapons, these superiorities did not translate into battlefield advantages because European weapons often malfunctioned in African climates.
c. The technological developments of Europe’s industrial revolution played only a minor role in Africa’s colonization because colonists refused to recognize the importance of such advances for military purposes.