Which of the following phrases best describes structured exercise?

Which of the following phrases best describes structured exercise?

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Fartlek is a continuous training with interval training that means “pace play” in Swedish. [1] Fartlek runs are a basic long-distance running format. Fartlek training is clearly described as alternating periods of fast running with periods of slower running.” [2] This could be a mixture of jogging and sprinting for certain people, but for beginners, it could simply be walking with jogging parts mixed in where possible. “Sprint all out from one light pole to the next, jog to the corner, give a medium effort for a couple of blocks, jog between four light poles and sprint to a stop sign, and so on, for a fixed total time or distance,” is a clear example of what a runner will do during a fartlek run.” [two] The aerobic and anaerobic systems are both stressed by the exercise’s varying strength and continuous nature. It varies from conventional interval training in that it is unstructured; the athlete may adjust the intensity and/or pace as desired. [three] [4] Fartlek training is most often associated with athletics, where it is often known as “wind sprints,” although it can be used to prepare for almost any sport.

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• Evidence shows that increasing physical activity and exercise can help students perform better in school, and that devoting time during the school day to recess, physical education, and physical activity in the classroom can help students perform better.

Math and reading, according to the data, are the academic subjects that are most affected by physical activity. These issues are based on successful and efficient executive function, which has been related to physical activity and fitness.
• Academic success is based on executive control and brain health. Learning is aided by basic cognitive functions such as concentration and memory, which are reinforced by physical activity and improved aerobic fitness.

Single sessions of physical exercise, as well as long-term involvement, increase cognitive capacity and brain health. Children who engage in intense or moderate-intensity physical activity enjoy the greatest benefits.
While academic success is the product of a complex relationship between intelligence and environmental factors, a child’s health is a significant moderating factor in his or her ability to learn. The notion that healthy children perform better is empirically validated and generally accepted (Basch, 2010), and several studies have shown that physical activity has health benefits, including cardiovascular and muscle fitness, bone health, psychosocial outcomes, and cognitive and brain health (Basch, 2010). (Strong et al., 2005; see Chapter 3). This chapter explores the connection between physical activity and exercise and cognitive and brain health, as well as academic performance.

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Which of the following statements defines circuit training the most accurately? A. The duration of circuit training sessions varies. B. Circuit training is a workout that progresses through a series of exercises. C. Circuit training is a workout that alternates between periods of intense exercise and periods of rest. D. Circuit training takes place in a number of places.
Which of the following phrases defines organized exercise the most accurately? There is a trend to being coordinated. Which of the following claims regarding the benefits of aerobic exercise for people with type 2 diabetes is TRUE?
Thursday, November 02, 2017 The alternative is C. Organized follows a set of rules. Organized Exercise is a physical activity in which a person must adhere to a set of guidelines in order to meet a particular fitness objective. In order for the structured exercise to be successful, the participant must follow a set of instructions that aim for a particular outcome. 5.0. A. changeable and versatile B. fierce rivalry C. ordered follows a set of rules. D. competitive and adaptable Please choose the best answer from the options given. There is a trend to being coordinated. Structured exercise is referred to as BEST. For more details, please log in.