Which of the following explains the symbols textures or colors used to differentiate data series?

Which of the following explains the symbols textures or colors used to differentiate data series?

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Lines come in a range of shapes and sizes, but they all have a length that is greater than their width. Depending on how the artist uses lines, they may be static or dynamic. They assist in the determination of a work of art’s motion, direction, and energy. In our everyday lives, we see lines everywhere: telephone poles, tree branches, plane contrails, and winding paths, to name a few.
The Nazca lines were scratched into the rocky soil in the arid coastal plains of Peru nearly 500 BCE, depicting animals on an enormous scale, so large that they are best viewed from the air. Let’s take a look at how different types of lines are formed.

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The equations were plain to me. If you ask me to find eigenvalues or something else, I’ll do it like a computer. However, I was perplexed. I didn’t understand what it was about. It didn’t feel right to me.
Consider a large family dinner where everybody begins to inquire about PCA. You tell your great-grandmother first, then your grandmother, then your mother, then your husband, and finally your daughter (who is a mathematician). The next person is less of a layman each time. This is how the discussion could go.
You are: It’s just a way of summarizing results, really. Look, there are a couple of wine bottles on the table. Each wine can be classified based on its color, strength, age, and other factors (see this very nice visualization of wine properties taken from here). Each wine in our cellar has a long list of distinguishing characteristics. However, all of them would calculate similar properties, making them redundant. If that’s the case, we should be able to summarize each wine in less words! PCA accomplishes this.

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It’s not that easy, as any experienced designer should know. Even if you (a designer) aren’t colorblind, over 8% of your male clients are, as are 8% of their male target audiences (color blindness is more common in females — around 0.5 percent). You’ve made a big mistake if your design work is unsightly or difficult to read for this large audience.
We’ll offer non-color blind designers pointers on how to consider a color blind audience in this article, as well as color blind designers tips on how to keep their colors straight. But first, some history… as well as a survey
You’re safe if you see the number 74 in the picture above. If you, like me, see a 21 (or nothing), we have some bad news for you: you are colorblind in the red-green range. You can take a full test here if you’re still not persuaded.
It’s crucial to realize that color blindness isn’t the same as seeing in black and white. Monochromacy is an exceptionally rare condition. In fact, color blindness is a disorder in which a person’s ability to differentiate between different shades of the same color is impaired. The most common colors affected are reds and greens, with blues and yellows being less common.

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Since the screen is likely to be tiny and the definition is abstract, I found this to be very challenging. However, since the time it takes to communicate can be unsettlingly long, an animation may be beneficial. Figure 10 depicts an animated phone and a cell phone aerial, with arrows flying from the phone to the aerial. Users must be able to recognize the images for this to work. Figure 10 shows a cell phone animation. 5.3 points Getting the most out of video clips Video clips can be used in a variety of cases where animation would not be used. Video, on the other hand, has a variety of other applications. As technology progresses in the coming years, it is likely that the use of video clips will increase. They’ve also been implemented in a number of computer-based training and interactive educational packages. 1.6.1 Sound 1.6 The meaning of sound Sound is increasingly being used in a variety of applications, including the ones mentioned below. 1.6.2 Sounds of various forms There are four types of sounds. We’ll look at the first three of these categories in more detail below, focusing on the knowledge they will convey to the consumer. Activity 4: Make a list of five different sounds you hear while using your phone.