Which of the following describes

Which of the following describes

Which of the following describes the roots of the polynomial

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Which of the following best describes the set of all possible values of the positive integer k such that the value of n/k is halfway between consecutive integers for each positive odd integer n?
Both prime numbers A. All positive integers greater than 2B.
C. Integers that are both positive and even.
D. All prime numbers are even.
E. All 5PS55471.01 positive even multiples

Which of the following describes the given graph corractly

Those years; the entire agricultural community was heavily in debt and became increasingly dependent on shady traders and middlemen; the lack of natural fertiliser, the food shortages of the dry years, the famine year 1847 due to years of drought, the bad weather with hail damage in 1856, and finally the multiple floods of the Diemel of these years or the various flood disasters
fundamentally and positively from all previous institutional texts created by the various Intergovernmental Conferences revising the Treaties of Rome in the ways described below: It resulted from the participation of national and European parliamentarians in a free and public debate; it systematically summarizes the entire political and institutional arrangements as they have evolved since the establishment of the European Communities; and it contains provisions for the necessary institutional and procedural reforms of the European Union’s decision-making process. http://eur-lex.europa.eu/

Which of the following describes the best relationship between

Given this scheme of some qualities, you want to figure out what defines the spectrum of X, so we’ll isolate and accent each of these inequalities separately, then combine the findings. As a result, whatever quality three has been exposed to is better than five. However, deduct two from each hand, for a total of three. Three thin is greater than X. Subtract three on both ends. We have ties to braiders and wives, whether positive or negative. The sum of two X plus eight is greater than zero. Subtract ten. It has drawn eight players from both sides. To note, we divide both sides by negative two X is greater than negative 18 and then divide both sides by negative two X is greater than negative 18. When you divide by a negative number within an inequality, you must flip the inequality so that X is not less than nine. As a result, X must be greater than one but less than nine when the two inequalities are added together. As a result, X is between one and nine or, similarly, nine is greater than X is greater than one would also be right if interpreted the other way, indicating that option D is correct.

Which of the following describes the thermodynamic standard

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