Which explanation best connects this illustration to the point being made?

Which explanation best connects this illustration to the point being made?

Physics – mechanics: torque (5 of 7) the bicep

Transition terms and phrases, also known as linking or connecting words, are used in your text to connect various concepts. By communicating the relationships between various sentences or parts of a sentence, they assist the reader in following your arguments.
The text below covers all of the necessary events, but there are no transition terms to link them. As a result, it’s unclear how these incidents are connected or what argument the author is trying to make by asking us about them.
On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. The United Kingdom and France declared war on Germany. Germany and the Soviet Union collaborated. Poland was partitioned. Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.
Transition terms have been applied to the example text.
On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. France and the United Kingdom declared war on Germany as a result. Initially, the Soviet Union partnered with Germany to partition Poland. In 1941, Germany, on the other hand, invaded the Soviet Union.

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In every aspect of life, first and last impressions are crucial, particularly in writing. This is why every paper’s introduction and conclusion, whether it’s a short essay or a lengthy study paper, are important. The introduction and conclusion of your paper are just as relevant as the body. The introduction is what entices the reader to read your paper further. The conclusion is what makes the reader remember your paper.
There are many ways to write a good introduction or opening to your article, as seen in the examples below. One example illustrates how to paraphrase in your opening paragraph. This will assist you in comprehending the concept of writing sequences that include a hook, change, and thesis statement.
Jenny screamed at her younger sister Emma, her hands flying, green eyes blazing, and spittle spraying. Jenny’s grunts reverberated across the mall, drawing the attention of passers-by. Emma sucked her thumb in an attempt to appear unconcerned. Jenny’s blond hair was almost standing on end. Her hands appeared to move so quickly that her gestures were scarcely discernible. Jenny was furious. I’m enraged.

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Emphasis: Giving a special treatment to the most important idea in a piece of writing; emphasis may be accomplished by putting the important idea in a prominent role, repeating a main word or expression, or simply writing more about it.
Extended meaning: Writing that goes beyond a single definition to make a point; it can span many paragraphs and include personal meanings and memories, figures of speech, and quotations.
Idiom: A concept or term that has a different meaning than the words themselves. An idiom is generally only understood by a certain group of people: Boohai, boohai, boohai, boohai (a New Zealand idiom meaning “all wrong.”)
“The police are not here to establish chaos, they’re here to maintain disorder,” says Merriam Webster, referring to an unintentionally humorous misuse or distortion of a word or expression, especially the use of a word that sounds vaguely like the one intended but is ludicrously incorrect in the context (Richard Daley, former Chicago mayor).

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Permitting refers to obtaining permits for a particular project within the framework of such zoning codes, while zoning refers to the general municipal laws that authorize and limit different types of projects.
Since activities differ greatly throughout the world, it is useful to become acquainted with local laws, officials, and general specifications. In certain cases, zoning and permitting requirements are clear and consistent. Hearings may be needed in other situations, and the procedure is unclear. A project that is planned to work within the current constraints would have a much smoother permitting process and is more likely to be approved. If your proposal, however, is outside of the established guidelines, it will almost certainly need to go through a special approval process to receive a waiver from the current rules and regulations — a potentially costly and time-consuming process that typically requires at least one public hearing and is not guaranteed to succeed. [eight]
Your neighbors may object to a wind turbine blocking their view or being concerned about the noise it makes, in addition to zoning issues. The majority of zoning and architectural problems can be resolved by presenting objective evidence. A standard 2-kilowatt wind turbine, for example, produces approximately 55 decibels of noise 50 feet away from the turbine’s core. [10] If a deliberate attempt is made to hear it, the wind turbine’s sound can be picked out of the ambient noise at that level.