Where to buy hydrofluoric acid

Where to buy hydrofluoric acid

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“This intense project also gave us the opportunity to better understand and know our development process,” Adam says. Since hydrofluoric acid is so corrosive, Production never had to consider the degree of cleanliness needed. This broad expertise was then channeled into the development of the system necessary for the new cleaning process, which is set to be delivered and placed into service in the fall of 2019. The use of hydrofluoric acid would be reduced by approximately 95%. Furthermore, since the cleaning process is completely automated, workers are no longer in contact with the quartz glass tubes, eliminating the chance of cuts. Employees will no longer be expected to wear heavy protective gear, and less preparation will be required. Aside from the obvious benefits for worker safety, the new system would also benefit the environment: waste acid will no longer be shipped, and the system will be smaller and use less water. A second drying process was introduced to cut down on processing time. Overall, the organization gains a competitive advantage while still investing around €120,000 per year.

Understanding the double danger of hydrofluoric acid in order

Hydrofluoric Acid 50 percent Solution | 500ml, 1 & 4 Liter Bottles | Technical & Lab Grade | Formula HF | Highly Corrosive | Dangerous Inorganic Acid | For Industrial Uses, Glass & Enamel Etching, Cleaning Brass & Aluminum, Removing Rust | CAS # 7664-39-3 Hydrofluoric Acid 70 percent Solution | 500ml, 1 & 4 Liter Bottles | Formula HF | Highly Corrosive | Dangerous
ACS Reagent | Formula HF | Highly Corrosive | Harmful Inorganic Acid | For Industrial Applications, Glass & Enamel Etching, Washing Brass & Aluminum, Remove Rust | CAS # 7664-39-3 Hydrofluoric Acid 5 percent Solution | 500ml & 4 Liter Bottles | 5 percent By Weight | Formula HF | Highly Corrosive | Dangerous Inorganic Acid | For Industrial Uses, Glass & Enamel Etching

Hydrofluoric acid

Honeywell can provide a high-quality hydrofluoric acid (HF) product. We’re committed to providing a consistent product to sustain your operations as the world’s largest producer and user of HF and the pioneer in secure and efficient HF transportation. We take our safety obligations very seriously – no other supplier can match our expertise and support for every HF grade we provide, at every point of development and delivery. Honeywell HF is manufactured entirely in North America, at two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
AHF is used to make fluorocarbon materials, fluoropolymers, and chemical compounds that are safer for the environment. It’s a corrosive fuming liquid that’s transparent, colorless, and has a sharp, pungent odor. AHF is fully water soluble and non-flammable.
70 percent HF, like all grades of HF, is extremely dangerous and must be treated and used with extreme care.
In both liquid and vapor form, it can cause serious burns to any part of the body. Any exposure to 70% HF necessitates specialized medical attention.

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Hydrofluoric acid is a hydrogen fluoride solution of water. Hydrofluoric acid is an inorganic acid that is particularly corrosive. It is utilized widely in the manufacture of ceramics and graphite, in the electropolishing and pickling of metals, in the etching and frosting of glass, in the semiconductor industry as etchant and cleaning agent, in the chemical and oil-refining industries, and in cleaning solutions, laundry powder and pesticides. Many useful fluorine compounds, such as Teflon, Freon, fluorocarbons, and many drugs, such as fluoxetine, are made with hydrofluoric acid (Prozac).