What was one result from the theory discussed in the accompanying quotation

What was one result from the theory discussed in the accompanying quotation

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Platforms subject to this regime have two choices. First, they will get permission from the owners of the rights by signing a licensing agreement for the content that users upload. [6] This is problematic because it’s difficult to imagine a situation in which a website of this nature would secure all of the requisite licenses for the potentially millions of works uploaded by its users. [nine] As a result, the second option offered is likely to be heavily relied upon. Platforms can escape liability if they meet a number of combined conditions/requirements, according to this. They must show that they have: (a) made best efforts to obtain an authorisation; (b) made best efforts to ensure the unavailability of specific works for which the right-holders have provided them with the relevant and necessary information; and (c) acted quickly in response to a notice from the right-holders to remove or disable access to infringing content and made best efforts to remove or disable access to infringing content. [eight]

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In recent years, tax administrations, tax analysts, and the general public have examined how multinational corporations are taxed. More and more evidence indicates that a significant portion of corporate income earned by cross-border activities is tax evaded. Multinational corporations’ business models have become more complex, intra-group transactions have increased, and multinationals’ interconnected value chains make determining where profits are generated difficult. Governments fail to decide which country can tax a multinational’s profits under the existing collection of foreign tax laws. Smaller companies are at a competitive disadvantage, and people see tax structures as unfair because certain corporate taxpayers might be able to escape paying taxes by using tax preparation techniques. This perceived inequity jeopardizes the social contract between governments and people, and it could have an effect on overall tax enforcement. Generally speaking, multinational tax laws are inefficient and opaque. Companies, on the other hand, also have to deal with a complicated patchwork of 28 national schemes, which comes with high enforcement costs and the possibility of double taxation.

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The American Astronomical Society (AAS), based in Washington, DC, was founded in 1899 and is the largest professional astronomy organization in North America. Its roughly 7,000 members include physicists, mathematicians, geologists, engineers, and others with scientific and educational interests in the wide range of topics that make up contemporary astronomy. The American Astronomical Society’s mission is to advance and disseminate humanity’s scientific understanding of the cosmos. http://www.aas.org
The Astrophysical Journal Letters is a fast-growing scientific journal that enables astrophysicists to publish short summaries of important new research. ApJL publications are timely, high-impact, and accessible to a wide audience.
The peak frequencies of the two large humps visible in the spectral energy density of blazars (SED) vary a lot between different blazars and are time dependent. However, in most blazars, their ratio tends to be nearly universal, equaling mec2/4(1 + z)p to a reasonable approximation, where me is the electron mass, p is the cosmic microwave background radiation peak energy, and z is the blazar’s redshift. We address gamma-ray bursts as a potential source of such a universal ratio in blazars (GRBs). The maximal peak energies of the two large humps in the SED of high energy peaked blazars and GRBs may be related, according to the knee in the energy spectrum of cosmic-ray electrons. We also notice that a universal peak ratio in double hump blazars belonging to different BL Lac sequence groups could simply represent different viewing angles of otherwise similar blazars.

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