What is most likely the purpose of this excerpt?

What is most likely the purpose of this excerpt?

Overcomer scene: who are you?

Explanation: The speaker uses the picture to emphasize his banishers’ insubstantial (and political) nature, as well as their extreme insecurity in the absence of him. The plume’s illustration echoes the speaker’s theme of “air” and “breath.”
There is no talk of false promises, and although the speaker clearly feels insulted, the focus of this speech is on his rage and immediate plans, with the speaker verbally threatening his banishers.
They both had a jaded sullenness about them, particularly the girl; yet, despite her disappointment, there was a light with nothing to rest on, a fire with nothing to burn, a starving imagination somehow holding life in itself, which brightened her expression. Not with the light that comes naturally to happy kids, but with unsure, willing, uncertain flashes that were painful, like the changes on a blind face groping its way.
She was still a child, maybe fifteen or sixteen years old, but she seemed to be on the verge of becoming a woman. As he looked at her, her father decided. She was attractive. He would have been self-willed if it hadn’t been for her upbringing (he reasoned in his eminently realistic way).

The heart of overcomer

A New World was first published ten years ago. Since then, the book has been translated into forty-four languages and read by millions of people around the world. The in-depth webinar I did with Oprah Winfrey, in which we discussed the book’s key themes, has been viewed 35 million times. As a consequence, the question inevitably arises: Where are we now, ten years later? Is a “new earth” emerging, one in which the egoic state of consciousness in all of its insanely unstable manifestations, both entity and collective, has dissolved or at the very least subsided, and humans no longer cause needless misery for themselves, one another, and other life-forms on the planet? Or, as one book reviewer put it, is a radical shift in human consciousness still an impossible utopian vision?
There are so many good things going on that aren’t considered newsworthy, but are much more important than any of those regular acts of unconsciousness. Those changes began well before the publication of A New Earth and The Force of Now. Those books were written to hasten the spiritual awakening process that had already begun, as well as to enable a larger number of people to engage in it and thus find a deeper meaning in their lives that went beyond the solely personal dimension of life.

Tie vs slur: how to tell the difference between a tie and a slur

To make it easier to read and identify the relevant details that you will use to produce your briefs, the previous section identified the sections of a case. This section will outline the components of a brief in order to give you a better understanding of what a brief is, what information should be included in one, and what function it serves. Case briefs are an essential study aid in law school that aids in the encapsulation and analysis of the mountainous amount of information that law students must absorb. After reading a case, rereading it, dismantling it, and reassembling it, the case brief reflects the final product. The case brief serves as a useful “cheat sheet” for class participation in addition to serving as a guide for self-instruction and referencing.
Who is going to read your proposal? Most professors will stress the importance of briefing, but they will never check to see if you have actually briefed. Your client doesn’t care if you brief as long as you win the case as a practicing lawyer. The judges are unconcerned whether you brief or not, as long as you practice law competently. You are the one who will profit from the brief! Keep this in mind when you decide which elements to include in your brief and what details to include under each of those elements.

What happens when you cut someone’s neck? | an excerpt

Charles Edwards squinted into the late-afternoon light, a motion he could almost do without pain. The swelling around his eye had gone down, and the bleeding around his eye would soon fade to a hideous yellow and then vanish. He’d continue to take his rides by walking from one street to the next before that happened, rather than face the taunting and challenging looks he’d be sure to get in the parks.
Although it was a great way to escape criticism from his peers, trotting up and down streets without even a single friend to converse with was frustrating. Perhaps he wouldn’t feel the need to conceal his wounds if he had won them more valiantly. His injuries would be more like a badge than a blemish if he had been injured in a boxing match or defending the reputation of any woman. The raised eyebrows from overprotective matrons and giggles from their charges, however, would be intolerable because everyone in town had most likely read the dreaded article in the magazine. The gentlemen will come after that. With a shake of his head, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation. His friends would laugh and clap him on the shoulder if he got a black eye from Trefor Linton for actually doing something wrong with Linton’s girlfriend, Constance, before filling his glass with some libation at his bar.