What is interoffice mail

What is interoffice mail

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DO NOT USE WHITE ENVELOPES FOR INTERNAL MAIL. They could be mistaken for outgoing mailing envelopes and mistakenly metered. As a consequence, sorting and shipping will be postponed, and the university will be forced to pay for excessive postage, which will cause delays for the correspondents.
For internal mail, the Mailroom provides interoffice envelopes. To ensure proper handling and direction to the intended recipient when using interoffice envelopes, make sure all previous markings have been crossed out. The addressee should always appear on the last line. Between previous markings, do not answer.

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Both OC branches have interoffice envelopes available at all mail stations. Please make a note of any previous names of offices on both sides of the envelope before placing it in the outgoing box for delivery.
On a daily basis, a postal service transports both regular and interoffice mail between campuses. Please be aware there is at least one day turnaround for parcels to arrive between campuses and there is a cut-off period per day to submit products. For times and procedures, contact the Shelton main desk or the Poulsbo Director’s Office.

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What we know today as “email” is a really a system – a system of interlocking components, each of which is necessary for ordinary people to interact efficiently with one or many others, in an atmosphere where various kinds of information must be exchanged (memos, notes, files, etc.) i.e. the modern office environment.
In 1978, I was a colleague of Shiva Ayyadurai’s at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), located in Newark, NJ. Shiva and I worked together in a modern office setting in the 1970s, where knowledge was shared mainly via the printed-paper media.
At the time, I spent a lot of time managing database information systems. Shiva was nearly 20 years my junior, but neither I nor the other Lab members considered him a child or a student. His professionalism, programming skills, attention to detail, and dedication to creating user-friendly and dependable applications were all exceptional.

Interoffice mail or intra-office mail

The addressee’s name, department name, and campus location should all be included on inter-office mail items. A piece will be returned to the sender if it is incorrectly addressed and therefore undeliverable. Print & Mailing Services will review the contents to decide where to return it if there is no return address. Please avoid abbreviating department names so that the delivery destination can be easily identified.
Before placing the Inter-Office envelope in the outgoing mail, all previous addresses should be crossed off entirely.
White university stationary or plain manila envelopes can never be used for inter-office mailings. This practice will result in unintentional postage metering (at the expense of the department).
If you send these items to the Post Office, they will almost certainly end up in the dead letter office. Please use the right envelope for Inter-Office mail to avoid these threats. Staples offers blank inter-office envelopes for purchase. On the regularly scheduled distribution routes, Print & Mailing Services can pick up and distribute mail and small parcels. If you have boxes or packages weighing more than 5 pounds, please contact the appropriate campus mail room to arrange pick-up and delivery: Lincoln Park: ext. 5-4543Loop Campus: ext. 2-8367