Western vet conference 2016

Western vet conference 2016

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Join Dr. Marty Becker as he discusses the Fear FreeSM project and offers strategies for reducing fear and anxiety in pets and their owners that you can put into practice the next day. He’ll go over items and procedures for “taking the pet out of petrified and putting them back into your work.” We will increase pet owner visits, improve compliance, and enhance the human-animal bond by reducing or removing the apprehension of a veterinary visit.
At the CVC continuing education conference in Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Becker will speak about Fear Free Practice. He’ll be giving a talk about: Practice without fear – You’ll be effective with it. You may not be able to live without it. Significant disparities exist between Fear Free and “Fearful” activities. The Top 10 Ways To Begin Fearless Living
How the entire veterinary hospital team can embrace and achieve “taking the pet out of petrified…and putting them back in your work!” Fear Free 101: How the entire veterinary hospital team can embrace and achieve “taking the pet out of petrified…and putting them back in your practice!” Dr. Marty Becker, Lisa Radosta, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, and Debbie Martin, a behavior technician, will speak at the seminar. A production by ContinuEd.

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In Las Vegas, one of the world’s biggest veterinary continuing education (CE) activities begins today. From March 6 to 10, 2016, the annual Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) is expected to draw nearly 15,000 veterinary professionals to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.
Seminars, workshops, new product launches, networking events, entertainment, and opportunities to interact with colleagues are all part of the five-day meeting. Dr. Randall G. Ezell, who served as WVC president, secretary-treasurer, and board member, is honored at this year’s meeting.
Small animal, equine, veterinary technician, practice management, food animal, and avian and exotics participants can select from a range of learning environments such as meal-time conferences, workshops, symposia, presentations, and hands-on laboratories in six subject areas: small animal, equine, veterinary technician, practice management, food animal, and avian and exotics.
In a press release, WVC CEO David Little said, “We are continually striving to make each conference better than the year before.” “Participants will have access to over 1,000 hours of CE to build their own learning experience. And the new March date has given WVC a dedicated room at Mandalay Bay, which will give attendees and the more than 500 exhibitors a more immersive experience.”

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The conference’s continuing education program, coordinated by a committee from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), will include a variety of speakers from across Canada and the United States who will present on topics in companion animal, food animal, equine, and practice management tracks. The three-day meeting, which draws veterinarians, licensed veterinary technologists, veterinary assistants, and administrative staff, also includes sponsored information sessions.
Macgregor Communications, headquartered in Ontario, organizes the annual VET conference, which offers accessible CE conferences for experts in both human and animal health, as well as other learning opportunities for business professionals.
Dr. Candace Lowe is an assistant professor in the WCVM’s Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences and a board-certified veterinary dentist. Lowe will run a veterinary dental surgical extraction lab, which will enable veterinarians to perform difficult extractions. During the meeting, she will also give two lectures, one on feline and canine oral examinations and the other on dental radiographic interpretation.

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Nine decades of education, creativity, and inspiration are being honored. The Mandalay Bay Convention Center will host the event from March 4–8, 2018. The World Veterinary Congress’s Annual Conference is one of the world’s biggest and most prominent gatherings of veterinary professionals. Over the course of five days, attendees will have the ability to choose from over 1,000 CE hours, meet with 500+ exhibitors, and be motivated and entertained.
WVC provides members of the veterinary profession and supporting paraprofessionals with scientific and practice-relevant knowledge. The Annual Conference is not available to the general public, and the organizers reserve the right to limit non-veterinarian attendance and participation.
WVC has supported veterinary practitioners with robust, progressive, and realistic continuing education [CE] since 1928. The Intermountain Livestock Sanitary Association was established in Logan, Utah, and was renamed Western Veterinary Conference in 1965. The name of the conference was changed from Western Veterinary Conference to WVC in 2014.