West zone early learning center

West zone early learning center

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The West Zone Early Learning Center is possibly the smallest school in Boston, with just 94 students in grades K1-1 packed into a corner of Hennigan Elementary School in Jamaica Plain. New principal Jean Larrabee, a long-time Sumner teacher and an old friend from the days when Boston’s Center for Leadership Development funded school-based, teacher-led Inquiry Groups, greeted me warmly.
It was a beautiful spring day, and K1 students were outside with Molly Rovenko, their science teacher. One party claimed to be “looking for bugs” in the grass, while another claimed to be attempting to entice them with sugary syrup.
Children in Susan Sweeney”s Kindergarten class were putting clay animals into a long cardboard “swamp” environment and working at a number of activity centers. I still smile when I see young children at play “building block towers, putting jigsaw puzzles together, painting flowers on an easel, going on a “trip” with their family in 2-chair make-believe cars, etc.” We sometimes overlook the importance of these opportunities for language and social ability development in our hurry to ensure that students become proficient test takers.

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Children in grades K0 through 1 may begin the day with breakfast at 7:20 a.m., followed by center activities and small group time before the formal school day, which runs from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. This is included in the regular schedule and there are no extra costs.
Surround care extends the school day for students in grades K0 – 1 (7:20-8:30 AM and 2:30-4:45 PM), with events such as swimming, yoga, cooking, Research, and field trips to the local library and community resources.
The results of the Next Generation MCAS are used to show student performance data.
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Type of facility: Preschool

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Description of the Program:

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The ELC-West is a model early education program that emphasizes developmentally acceptable activities and high expectations for all students. All classes are led by early childhood licensed educators, who are assisted by highly qualified paraprofessionals. For children with disabilities, the school also has integrated early childhood classrooms.
Our World of Learning (OWL) and Building Blocks, Emphasis on K2, Inquiries in Math, Guided Reading, and Reading Street are some of the developmentally relevant literacy and math programs used in our classrooms at the ELC-West.
The Common Core and state requirements are followed throughout our curriculum. The National Association for the Education of Young Children has completely accredited the school, which it has retained since then. Having Your Own Toilet Pre-KSchool YearKindergartenKindergartenKindergartenKindergartenKindergartenKindergartenKindergartenKindergartenKindergartenKindergartenKin Full-Day Programs for Elementary Students 5 days on the schedule

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Overview of the School

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The student population of 115 students at Elc – West Zone has increased by 23% in five years.

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Over the course of five school years, the teacher population of 11 has risen by 57%. Grades AvailableGrades 1st Prekindergarten Total Number of Students There are 115 students in total.
Comparative Analysis of Schools
Elc – West Zone has a diversity score of 0.72, which is higher than the state average diversity score of 0.59. For the last five years, the school’s diversity has remained relatively constant.
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