West elementary school andover ma

West elementary school andover ma

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We respect our population’s diversity, celebrate children’s individual differences, and hold them to high standards. These expectations are a representation of each child’s individuality. We recognize that children must be responsible for their own education. Each child will develop skills that will help him or her become a lifelong learner through collaboration and individual effort.
We agree that certain values, such as integrity, courtesy, duty, and reverence for oneself and others, should be promoted at school. The development of a good sense of self-worth in each child is an important component.
As educators, it is our responsibility to teach children the difference between right and wrong. We must foster the development of a strong conscience in children that tells them to do what is right. As educators, our primary aim is to foster pro-social habits and assist children in becoming self-sufficient individuals.

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The Andover Public Schools district is responsible for the education of the residents of Andover, Massachusetts. The district is overseen by acting Superintendent Claudia Bach, who reports directly to an elected school committee made up of five members of the town who are elected for three-year terms to oversee ten educational facilities ranging from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. [6] In the mid- to late-eighteenth century, Andover was divided into two parishes, north and south, with grammar schools in the middle of each to serve the children of those areas. Andover had five “reading and writing schools”[8] in 1753, and each parish had six district schools by March 1795. The twelve schools would continue to operate until the District School system was dissolved in 1866, when the Andover Public Schools district took over responsibility for all of the town’s schools, rather than having each school run separately by district members. [nine] [8] Despite the fact that Andover had an early secondary education ‘industry,’ with private institutions such as Phillips Academy in 1778 and Andover Theological Seminary in 1807,[10] the town would not have its first public high school until 1854, when the Punchard Free School was established. [11] After his death, Andover resident Benjamin Hanover Punchard left $50,000 to help create a high school that any qualified resident of the town could attend for free. [12] There were seven students in the first graduating class in 1857. Despite the fact that the original school was destroyed in a fire in 1869, the school continued to run out of Town Hall until 1871, when it was reconstructed. Until 1904, when the Punchard Trust was no longer able to contribute money, the Trustees of Punchard’s estate and the Town of Andover would equally divide the school’s staffing expenses. The school was renamed Punchard High School after the Andover Public Schools District agreed to cover all costs. [nine]

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I relocated to Andover because of the excellent public schools. If I had known what was in store, I would have simply stayed put. It’s all about the teachers and the budget. The children are treated as numbers, and the opinions of their parents are ignored. My disabled child was openly ridiculed and humiliated by a teacher. The teacher who did this was praised for her perseverance. Things were finished, but not nearly to the degree that they should have been, when I eventually emphasized that I understood my child’s rights and the disability act. My child was blamed, marks were slapped on him, and so on. I sincerely believe that the educators at WEST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL are not looking out for my child’s best interests. Of course, not all teachers are evil. My kids have had a lot of really good ones. The issue is that there is no one to turn to when a problem arises. Regardless of the wrongdoing, the principal and vice principal defend their students. They should not be in these positions, in my opinion. It’s all very political at this stage.

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West Elementary School has high standards for students while still celebrating each student’s unique characteristics and providing a healthy learning atmosphere for kindergarten through fifth grade students. Educators at West Elementary strive to instill in students good social behaviors that will support them throughout their lives and to cultivate a sense of independence. They also strive to instill in themselves and others a sense of self-worth and appreciation. The school is on Beacon Street, near the Shawsheen Road and Route 133 intersection. / p>