Weighted average worksheet with answers

Weighted average worksheet with answers

Weighted averages worksheet algebra 1

For a final test, the weighted average’s power is evident. Since the final exam normally holds more weight, students are encouraged to study hard in order to boost their final exam score. Students may still pass the class with a good grade if they ace the final exam, even if they received some poor grades in the beginning. This happened to me a lot, and teachers love to see students improve on a final exam and praise them for it.
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Weighted mean calculator

The closing prices of three common stock market indexes on July 22, 2010 were 10259.63 for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 2227.01 for the NASDAQ, and 1086.69 for the S&P 500.
These three stock market valuation indexes are weighted averages (weighted mean or scaled averages) of the prices of groups of stocks. They are not the average of their prices (arithmetic average). Other variables, such as stock splits and dividends, are taken into account by the weighted averages. When stocks are added or withdrawn from the index, stock splits, or dividends are paid, the variables used to calculate stock averages change. More information on this topic can be found at:
We worked with two common types of averages for calculating central tendency in some of the problems prior to this session: mean and median. The problem described above is an example of a different type of average that is used when the mean and median do not accurately represent the desired data. We often regard certain data values as more relevant than others. As a result, we use a weighted average (also known as a scaled average) to assign certain data more weight than others. Aside from the stock market, scoring is another case where the weighed average is used. Test scores are often valued higher than scores on homework or quizzes.

Amdm weighted averages worksheet answer key

The weighted average, which is the average of two or more terms with different numbers of members, is one form of average problem. Multiply each term by its weighting factor, which is the number of times each term happens, to find the weighted term.
1. Premium coffee costs $9.50 per pound, Supreme coffee costs $11.75 per pound, and Blend coffee costs $10.00 per pound. To make Blend coffee, how many pounds of Premium coffee beans should be combined with two pounds of Supreme coffee?
2. A 50 percent antifreeze solution can be used in a car’s radiator. Bo has 2 gallons of antifreeze with a 35 percent antifreeze concentration. To make a 50 percent antifreeze solution, how many gallons of 100% antifreeze can he apply to his solution?
3) A car and an emergency vehicle are approaching each other. The car is moving at 30 miles per hour, or 44 feet per second. The emergency vehicle is moving at around 74 feet per second, or 50 miles per hour. How many seconds would the driver of the car hear the siren first if the vehicles are 1000 feet apart and the conditions are ideal?

Examples of weighted average in real life

It can be difficult to describe weighted averages! This study guide, on the other hand, makes it simple for teachers by providing descriptions, examples, and breaking problems down into three stages. Problems with mixtures and uniform motion are included.
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Using real-world problems allows students to obtain a better understanding of the importance of various forms of equations. To obtain the perspective, they build a system of inequalities both graphically and algebraically.