Weight training for dummies pdf

Weight training for dummies pdf

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LaReine Chabut is a bestselling author, model, and mother who specializes in lifestyle and fitness. LaReine helped ordinary people around America fit in daily exercise as the on-camera host of MSN’s hit web series Focus on Feeling Better. She is best known as the host of The Firm, a popular fitness video series, and for her blog losethatbabyfat.com.
1st Introduction Getting Started with Weight Training 5 (Part I) Chapter 1: Lifelong Weight Training 7 Chapter 2: Training Principles: Concepts and Terminology 13 Chapter 3: Strengthening Yourself, Setting Goals, and Keeping Track of Your Progress 27 Weight-Training Tools and Equipment (Chapter 4) 39 Chapter 5: Safety First: Taking Care of Yourself and Avoiding Injuries 55 Part II: Weight-Training Awareness 69 Chapter 6: Creating Your Own Home Gym 71 Exercising Away from Home: Clubs, Trainers, and Classes 81 Chapter 7: Exercising Away from Home: Clubs, Trainers, and Classes Your Muscles and How to Use Them Properly (Chapter 8) 97 Part III: Getting to Work on the Exercises 105 Working Your Back (Chapter 9) 107 Working The Chest (Chapter 10) 129 Working Your Shoulders (Chapter 11) 145 Working Your Weapons 161 in Chapter 12 Working The Abdominals (Chapter 13) 175 Working Your Ass and Legs (Chapter 14) 187 Weights for Core Strength 209 (Chapter 15) The Truth 223 in Chapter 16: Stretching Part IV: Planning The Exercise Routines 239 Basic Workouts to Get You Started 241 Chapter 17: Basic Workouts to Get You Started 20-Minute Workouts for the Time-Crunched 251 Chapter 18: 20-Minute Workouts for the Time-Crunched Taking on More Advanced Programs (Chapter 19) 260 Workouts for New Moms, Moms-to-Be, Kids, and Teens (Chapter 20) 275 words Workouts for Baby Boomers and Beyond (Chapter 21) 298 Chapter 22: Increasing Versatility with Yoga and Pilates 309 Part V: The Tens Part the number 321 Chapter 23: Ten (or so) Ways to Tone and Tighten with Exercise Bands the number 323 335 Index 351 Chapter 24: Ten (or so) Ways to Have a Ball with Exercise Balls

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Weight training is a common form of strength training for rising skeletal muscle strength and height.
[two] It makes use of the force of gravity in the form of weighted bars, dumbbells, or weight stacks to counteract the force produced by muscle contractions, either concentric or eccentric. To target various muscle groups and modes of movement, weight training utilizes a variety of advanced equipment.

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According to Meghan Kennihan, a personal trainer and running coach in Chicago, those who are new to weight-lifting and coping with the exhaustion, soreness, and doubt that often accompany this new exercise should note that it will get easier over time. “Most of my clients find that by the their mind-body relation with each training session, they are able to enhance their flexibility and coordination,” Kennihan says. “After a while, the lifts will feel more normal, and you’ll gain faith in your form.” If you’re still intimidated after a few sessions, she recommends hiring a personal trainer who can help you learn the basics so you can practice on your own more easily.
Many beginners judge the effectiveness of their exercises based on how sore they are afterward. But, according to Kennihan, soreness is an indicator of muscle injury, and is just one of the mechanisms—and perhaps the least important—of attempting to acquire muscle. “Some soreness is helpful, but too much will keep you from getting in a good workout later in the week,” she says. “The long-term aim should be to build a healthy body over time, not to make yourself so tired that you can barely walk the next day.”

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