We the people amazon

We the people amazon

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A. We The People’s educational objectives B. There are two ways to order a copy of We the People for an instructor: 1) Go to We The People’s website. 2) Dial 800-338-3987, ext. 3 to meet McGraw Hill (call M-F, 8:30 am-5:30 pm, ET). Note: A new version of We the People (the 14th) will be available soon (January 5 for individual orders, January 12 in bookstores). For example, the new edition includes. The People’s Assembly
The year 2021 The Citizen and the Constitution: We the People Questions for the National Finals are now open. Instead of the usual three questions, this year’s competition will have just two. The national finals of We the People will be held online from April 24 to 26. Best of luck to all competitors as you train for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The People’s Assembly
Lynne Cheney, a best-selling author, continues her mission to bring American history to life for the country’s youngest citizens—and for young people all over the world. We the People is a meticulous account of the events surrounding the creation of the United States Constitution, complete with well-chosen quotes from those who were interested in the creation of this great document, which is the oldest written document in the world. The People’s Assembly

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The Supreme Court’s civil rights rulings are well-known and widely discussed. Individuals who wish to protect their rights, on the other hand, need access to courts that will hear their cases. In addition, the Court’s track record on access has been almost unanimously hostile to the protection of individual citizens’ constitutional rights over the last decade.
In Breaking In, veteran journalist Joan Biskupic tells the story of how two powers, the lofty aspirations of a talented Puerto Rican girl raised in the Bronx’s projects and the growing political influence of Hispanics from California to Texas, Florida to the Northeast, collided to create a historic appointment. This isn’t just a story about overcoming challenges as a Puerto Rican. As a justice, it’s all about breaking down walls.
In Supreme Inequality, best-selling author Adam Cohen examines the most important Supreme Court decisions since Nixon’s presidency and reveals how, contrary to popular belief, the Supreme Court does nothing to defend the interests of the poor and disadvantaged; in reality, it has been on their side for the past 50 years. Cohen establishes without a shadow of a doubt that the new Supreme Court has been a driving force behind the nation’s rising economic disparity, and that an institution lauded for its justice has been systematically making America less fair.

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For young readers, the United States Constitution is brought to life!

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Caldecott Medalist Peter Spier tells the stirring American story of how this most important text came to symbolize democracy, liberty, equality, and hope for all people in this visual celebration of the US Constitution and America’s founding fathers. This fact-filled volume includes:• The complete text of the Constitution• An illustrated preamble to the Constitution, illuminating its significance from its inception to the present• The fascinating history of the struggle to create and ratify the Constitution• A historical reproduction of the original document “A joyful commemoration of the people whose forefathers wrote the United States Constitution.” —Starred review in Booklist “An ode to the richness of America.” —Kirkus Reviews is a publication that publishes book reviews. “Spier has crafted a tribute that can be enjoyed over many sittings.” Publishers Weekly says: