Waypoint academy cape cod

Waypoint academy cape cod

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Continuous and active partnerships among schools, food centers, teachers, students, and families are critical to the success of local food security initiatives that directly benefit our community. A large number of people must work together. A local teacher named Kim Gainey, in particular, plays an important role in these community collaborations.
Gainey is the Food for Families Program Leader for the Cape Cod Collaborative and a high school science teacher at Waypoint Academy in Sandwich (which supports the Waypoint Academy and the STAR program in Osterville). Her actions show how compassion, action, and strong community partnerships will help in the fight against hunger.
Gainey’s first inkling of the community’s need for more food protection came when one of her students literally asked if they could take an apple or orange home with them. Gainey’s efforts have evolved as a result of her commitment to this critical need, and she has built beneficial relationships in the process. Tara Laidlaw, Farm Director at Camp Burgess, and Brenda Swain, Falmouth Service Center, are now her collaborators.

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CCC is dedicated to offering high-quality professional development in a multi-district environment. Multi-district/collaborative PD is often used to provide advanced training that is most cost effective when conducted in a community environment. We believe that shared CCC PD would ultimately improve the quality of both teaching and learning in all districts because these PD services have the direct participation of many district administrators through a strategic sharing mechanism. The eight quality indicators for PD adopted by CCC can be found in the PD Mission statement.
PD Theory of S.T.A.R. S.T.A.R. is devoted to educating the entire kid. The Curriculum benefits from high-quality professional development and evidence-based teaching, which contributes to better student learning. A primary aim is to maintain a school atmosphere that is both healthy and welcoming to students, families, district and community members, and employees.

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