Way of faith christian academy

Way of faith christian academy

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Every House of Prayer recording started with Ellen Blackwell praying as God led her, while our devoted Media Director, Art Stamler, ran the controls in our small but mighty studio. Those Timeless Prayers prayed in the 1980s are still relevant for what we need today. Listen to today’s excerpt, and then soak up the living Word in our full (and free!) House of Prayer library at http://www.way-of-faith.org/house of prayer series.aspx if you have the time.
Have you been called to ministry full-time? Listen to Ellen Blackwell’s documented message “Full-Time Ministry” from 10/20/13 at http://www.way-of-faith.org/listen sermons.aspx. . ….and the choice is yours! Can God continue to bless you! – jh5Let us not forget…

“what i like about faith christian academy”

If you haven’t yet taken a tour of the campus, now is the time! We’d like to meet their future teachers and classmates with you and your kids. This often aids the teacher in getting to know your child’s distinct strengths. Remember, we spend an average of six hours per day with your child, or 1,000 hours per year. That is a significant amount of time spent together, and everybody should be at ease. It’s also a good idea to go over specifics like conduct standards, dress code, and so on.
A member of our Admissions team will email you as soon as possible after you enroll online. We’d like to extend a warm welcome and take a moment to learn how we can assist your kin! Your student’s seat is reserved until everyone is ready to begin after registration has been charged and basic supporting documentation have been submitted.

What is the student ministries office (smo) all about anyway

Our mission is to equip young men and women to make a positive difference in the world for the glory of God. So, whether in a K3 class or a higher level class for our seniors, God’s Word will be the reference point for education.
Our goal is to work with parents to provide an academic and spiritual education that encourages students to be conformed to Christ’s image, equips them to seek truth through the lens of Scripture, and strengthens their capacity for further education.
We enjoy engaging with the Wausau homeschool community in a number of ways and enjoy collaborating with like-minded parents who share a passion for their children’s education. FAITH’s scheduled classes are a great way for homeschooling families to supplement their education. Via sports and social activities, many homeschool students are also a part of the FAITH community.
At Faith Christian Academy, we aim to provide opportunities for our student-athletes to compete and cultivate Christ-like character attributes such as honesty, sportsmanship, service, discipline, and a dedication to excellence through the avenue of sports.

Tabernacle of faith christian academy | grade 10

Faith Christian Academy is a private K-12 school in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. We prepare students for their future with an academic emphasis and a biblical philosophy. Although offering competitive athletic programs, specialty clubs, and other extracurricular events, our school is a family-friendly place.
Curriculum, teaching methods, and students’ learning preferences are all evolving all the time in education. We at Faith Christian Academy are aware of these shifts. We assume, however, that the students’ learning atmosphere and the character of their teachers will have a much greater effect on who they become and how they impact the world for Christ.