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According to a police report reported by Atlanta TV station WSB, Annette Kesting, a Cobb County commissioner, reportedly organized a voodoo ritual to kill Woody Thompson. Kesting defeated Thompson in 2004, after she had completed two terms on the commission, and he defeated her again this year.
Kesting is said to have begged George Ann Mills of Blythewood, South Carolina, to curse Thompson so that he can “get cancer” or “get in a car accident.” Mills said that Kesting paid her with two $3,000 checks that both bounced, but that she was then paid $2,000 in cash.

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Their Great-Grandmother Christophe invites four cousins who have never met to visit her mansion outside of Atlanta. When they return, they find she has passed away. They stay to hear her will read, but they are soon killed one by one with voodoo spells. The survivors attempt to track down the perpetrator until he kills them all.
What is the name of the house on Skull Mountain? To me, it sounds like a Hardy-Boy adventure from the 1960s. I saw a few glimpses of this film a few weeks ago, and it was very strange. A traditional horror film from the 1970s. I mean, it wasn’t bad, and Victor French does a decent job, but there seemed to be a few items missing. I’ll probably have to watch it again at some point. All I know is that films like the notorious “ALIEN” (’79) forever changed the concept of horror films, which may or may not be a positive thing. Nowadays, there are far too many imitators. Take a look at this film when you have some free time.

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