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The United States Congress, established in Article I, is the Constitution’s “first branch” of government, with substantial powers that make it both a prominent (and, until recently, the dominant) player in American national politics. Furthermore, in terms of capacity, Congress is atypically powerful, perhaps exceptional among the world’s legislatures. Congress rules in the areas of domestic and, to a lesser degree, foreign policy, possessing more than just the power to legitimize or affirm decisions made by the executive branch.
Since these are the formal and conventional forces of Congress, current presidents are more powerful than nineteenth-century presidents, and they have acquired a great deal of influence over domestic and foreign policymaking that historically belonged to Congress. Congress aims to represent key communities and forces in American society while still exercising its influence to the extent possible given the current political environment as modern politicians contend with presidents.

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The executive branch, judicial branch, and legislative branch make up the United States government. Our laws are enforced by the executive branch, which is headed by the President and Vice President. Our laws are interpreted by the judicial branch, which is headed by the Supreme Court. The Congress is the legislative branch that establishes our rules.
The laws that Congress enacts benefit Americans. There are laws requiring children to attend school, laws establishing requirements for automobile and highway safety, and laws protecting animals and the environment. Congress meets in Washington, D.C.’s Capitol. Visit Art & History or Around the Capitol to learn more about the Capitol.

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Students in grade twelve study to achieve a greater understanding of the American government’s institutions. They examine the history and evolving views of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the present state of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government in the world today. The study of the relationship between the federal, state, and local governments is emphasized, with special attention paid to significant historical documents such as the Federalist Papers. As students learn to vote, engage in group events, and assume citizenship obligations, these requirements embody the pinnacle of civic literacy.
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