Velvet cloak smoke bush

Red-veined enkianthus – enkianthus campanulatus – how to

‘Velvet Cloak’ Cotinus coggygria Smoke Bush with Velvet Cloak This is one of the best purple-leaved Cotinus varieties, with deep purple leaves that sparkle all season. The large purple-pink flower heads are very attractive. It reaches a height of 4 metres and a width of the same, but it can be pruned back hard in the late winter to hold its size in check. Every year, we cut it down to a metre in our borders. It’s a tough sun-loving plant that requires very little extra irrigation once created, just like the rest of its tribe.

Royal purple smoketree | cotinus coggygria | colorful fall tree

In full sun, it grows easily in normal, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Except for warm, poorly-drained soils, it tolerates a wide variety of conditions. While it prefers infertile loams, it also thrives in poor, rocky soils. It’s important to have good drainage. Plants have fibrous root systems that are shallow. If bloom is desired, prune only as required in the early spring. If bloom isn’t an issue, stems can be cut back hard to a system in early spring to encourage the growth of robust new shoots with larger-than-normal leaves.
In shrub borders or sunny areas around the house, use a single specimen, a group, or a mass. This striking accent plant has a long-lasting summer smoke show. It can also be used as a casual hedge or shutter (a smoke screen as it were).

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Nursery containers come in a range of sizes, and nursery jargon has stuck on. Although the sizes are referred to as “Gallon Tanks” in the industry, this does not equate to the typical liquid “gallon” scale we think about. We have young 1-gallon plants up to mature 7-gallon plants varying in size from 6 inches to 6 feet.
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“United States Department of Agriculture Restrictions,” is the short and sweet response. Every state has its own USDA restrictions on which plants are permitted to enter the state. Although we wish we could serve all, it is necessary to protect native species and prevent the spread of invasive disease and pests. After all, we have to look after Mother Nature.

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This lovely shrub or small tree grows upright and has beautiful deep purple foliage that turns a dazzling orange-red in the fall. The smoke tree gets its name from the flower plumes that appear after flowering and give the branch tips a smokey haze.
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