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Multiple sexual partners, a young age at first intercourse, unprotected intercourse, HPV, Chlamydia, and HIV, low immune status, poor nutritional status, smoking, use of oral contraceptives, and more are all risk factors for cervical dysplasia or cancer. The aim of today’s post is to explore the use of various vaginal suppositories in the search for remission of cervical dysplasia, such as green tea suppositories, vag pak, vaginal depletion pack, and others. On a regular basis, I receive requests for details about where to buy these vaginal suppositories. Here’s a quick rundown of their backgrounds, followed by my suggestions.
The use of escharotic or caustic therapies for epithelial cancers stems from a centuries-old discovery that such plant and mineral extracts could be used to treat topical skin lesions. The effectiveness of this therapy in correcting cervical dysplasia in women has been demonstrated in two small trials. After a successful colposcopy, if there is no disease in the endocervical canal and no glandular cells, this procedure is used for CIN I and II. The escharotic treatment for cervical dysplasia entails the application of a natural enzyme called bromelain to the cervix’s surface. Heat is added to activate the enzyme, which is then left in place for 15 minutes. Bromelain’s protein-dissolving properties destroy the top layer of cervix cells that have been infected and weakened by the HPV virus. To induce sloughing of irregular tissue, a mixture of zinc chloride and a plant (Sanguinaria) is applied to the cervix. Zinc chloride is caustic, causing the cellular membrane integrity and mucus overcoating to be disrupted, allowing Sangunaria to enter the cells. Sanguinaria has anti-neoplastic properties, according to reports. For 4-5 weeks, the procedure is repeated twice a week with at least two days between treatments. A compounding pharmacist prepares the ZnCl solution.

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I’m still trying to make correlations and ideas, and I’ll credit this period’s ease to my herbal tea intake. When I drink oat tops during the month, it helps with my cramps, but my housemate didn’t have the same luck.
If you menstruate, I highly recommend Brittany Wood Nickerson’s zine “Sacred and Mysterious: Healing Wisdom and Herbal Lore for Those Who Menstruate.” Contact Brittany at http://www.thymeherbal.com or give me your email address to get it.
I slept with two Vag Pack suppositories last night. I tried to be careful as I moved them all the way up to my cervix, and my finger accidentally touched some of my tissue. It felt wrinkly and crusty, not smooth like the tip of my nose, which I’m used to. I didn’t look too closely, so I’m not sure what it was about, but it was unexpected. My ND will take a bunch of pictures of the process the next time, which could be worth sharing.
I awoke with mild menstrual cramps in the wee hours of the morning. I was slightly relieved, hoping to put an end to this long, hazy, and probably prolonged PMS. “I began my cycle and the cramping was so fast this time!” I was also relieved. However, I’m still waiting. I’m not sure what caused the cramping, but it may have been the escharotic.

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It is important to maintain a balanced immune system in order to clear HPV and keep it suppressed. With food, herbs/supplements, and lifestyle improvements, HIWC will work with you to help you improve your immune system.
A Pap smear and possibly a follow-up biopsy are commonly used to identify suspicious cells in the cervix. Cervical dysplasia occurs when the cells that line the cervix alter and become irregular. Inflammatory changes, dysplasia (pre-malignant change), and carcinoma, or cancer, are the most common classifications.
HPV, or the human papillomavirus, is often to blame for the cellular changes observed in cervical dysplasia. Although there are over 100 different forms of HPV, the majority of them are unable to induce significant changes in cervical cells. The majority of HPV infections are transient and can be cleared in a matter of months, if not years.
HPV can be treated naturally with herbal remedies applied directly to the cervix. Following the in-office procedure, at-home therapies such as vaginal suppositories containing botanicals and vitamins are used to eliminate dysplastic tissue and promote cervical healing. Herbal treatments are usually done twice a week for three to five weeks (with at least two days between treatments).