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The Readers Choice Awards named us the best furniture consignment shop. South Shore Living Journal, The Boston Globe, and The Patriot Ledger have all written about us. We provide service to the South Shore as well as the rest of New England.
Elite Repeat is a perfect way to recycle while still making money. Our 9,000-square-foot store has a high turnover rate, with inventory changing on a regular basis. We’re about a 12-mile drive south of The Hanover Mall. Thousands of new and returning customers see your merchandise every week thanks to our busy place on Route 53. Our consistently low prices keep our long-term customers coming back. We often serve local designers, experienced organizers, decorators, home stagers, and a variety of businesses searching for one-of-a-kind pieces to complement their existing décor.
We’re open seven days a week, and our busy Route 53 location attracts hundreds of new customers each week. Designers, decorators, experienced organizers, and dealers are among our regular customers who come in many times a month.

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If you go to a thrift, resale, consignment, or antique shop, you’ll find reasonably priced clothing and furniture. However, there are several distinctions: thrift stores take donated goods, resale stores pay vendors for items, and consignment shops accept items from owners in exchange for a portion of the selling price. Consignment shops sell a combination of antique (items older than two decades) and new clothing and accessories, while resale shops sell only current models.
Finding a hidden gem at the bottom of a pile or at the back of a shelf and knowing it’s worth at least double what it’s labelled is a thrill. As a result, we’ve assembled a list of secondhand shops worth visiting, ranging from an antique shop specializing in classic video games to a consignment store where you can get designer clothing at bargain prices while also supporting local charities. Do you have a preference that we haven’t mentioned? Fill in the blanks in the comment section below.
Goodwill given this image.
Morgan Memorial is a memorial to Morgan Morgan. In 1895, Goodwill Industries was founded in Boston’s South End. Stores that fund the nonprofit can now be found all over the world. West Campus is the nearest. Clothing is arranged by style and colour, and most products have a fixed price: $7.49 for jeans, $1.99 for graphic T-shirts, and so on. There’s also a more luxury boutique segment with high-end labels and notable vintage products. A weekly tag sale provides exclusive discounts, and every Thursday, college students receive a 15% discount. Please note that the shop is now closed to donations. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please spread the message.

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On 2/13/2011, David Landy, the owner of Broadway Second-Hand Furniture, promised to mail my brother a check for at least $300 or half of the sale price, whichever was greater, of my 89-year-old mother’s… On 2/13/2011, David Landy, the owner of Broadway Second-Hand Furniture, offered to mail my brother a check for at least $300 or half of the sale price, whichever was greater, of…
Alert TO BUYERS AND SELLERS! nDavid Landy, the maker, stole furniture from my mother’s storage unit and never paid for it. In the city, there are a lot of trustworthy furniture dealers. My suggestion is to stay away from him.
I concur with the previous remarks. David Landy refused to pay as agreed and replied to all follow-up questions with the classic lie, “The check’s in the mail.” This is a company to avoid!