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Welty supervised the building of this five-level parking deck on the main campus of the University of Akron. A glass-enclosed pedestrian bridge was added to the architectural plans as a result of Welty’s cost-cutting solutions, a proposal that aligns with the campus master plan to provide convenient access and link students to other UA facilities. As they cross Buchtel Avenue and head into the heart of campus, students are shielded from the elements.
Welty Construction Company completed the five-level North Campus Parking Deck in time for the Fall Semester, among other projects. We are extremely pleased that all of the Welty projects were completed on time and within budget, with excellent professional service and attention to project detail and efficiency.

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Payto Architects worked on a number of projects for the University of Akron, including the development and implementation of a campus master plan. We extended the current masterplan for the North Campus Parking Garage to include a pedestrian connection between Buchtel Ave. and Forge St. The parking garage facade provides a pedestrian-scale streetscape that complements the campus’s aesthetic. Aside from 1,100 parking spaces, the building houses a Parking Services office, a museum, and open tenant space for potential retail. Over Buchtel Ave., a pedestrian bridge links the garage to the upper portion of campus. Following the parking garage’s popularity, a new academic building was constructed adjacent to the pedestrian space, enclosing it as the dense, urban space it was supposed to be. A feasibility report for the Exchange St. Parking Deck extension was also completed by Payto Architects. The proposed elevations show the background of the surrounding dorms and stadium since this project was planned to be completed in conjunction with the new football stadium. Payto Architects completed conceptual design plans, parking functionality programming, construction budgets, and schedules for this project, which is still unbuilt.

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If you are unable to locate the permit you need, please contact the Parking Office at 330-972-7213. By clicking on the “Important Permit Details” link, you can review the important permit information once more. Click the “Add More Things” button and repeat the process if you need to add another permit (such as an overnight commuter permit).
Period of the pass. A one-semester parking pass is available to SRWS student participants. All other SRWS members can buy a 6- or 12-month parking pass. Passes of different kinds. There are two different types of parking passes available:
Latest Details for Spring 2021. The selling of parking permits online has resumed (2/4/2021). After a technological glitch earlier this week stopped users from logging into the iParq site, permits are now available for purchase at akron.thepermitstore.com. Users’ login credentials will be the same as with other University tools since the platform will now use UA’s single sign-on (SSO) system. ..
Office of Parking and Transportation Services 255 E. Buchtel Ave. is the url (). 330-972-7213 is the phone number. Visitors to the Parking Office strictly for the purpose of buying a permit are welcome to park for free in the gated visitor lot on Buchtel Avenue (directly across from the Parking Office). If you do this, please return to the Parking Office with the ticket you got from the dispenser for…

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Get a parking permit from your gateway university first. You can do this by going to the parking facilities for your gateway online (Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland, Kent). Ask your parking services office for a YACK sticker—a tiny silver piece of tape printed with the names of all four schools—once you have the simple tag to hang from your mirror. Getting it on your parking tag entitles you to park in the appropriate student lots at each of the four campuses (more on that below).
It is a good idea to visit a campus you are unfamiliar with before your class begins if you are taking classes there. That way, you’ll be able to identify the closest parking lot to the building you’ll be visiting and judge your driving distances more accurately. Make a mental note to look over the campus map ahead of time. It’s a good idea to search the specific university’s website for parking restrictions before parking in lots on an unknown campus (these restrictions may change without warning). See the list below for unique YACK-approved campus lots. Youngstown State University: Allows you to park in any Student Parking area. To park in an unattended gated lot, go to the YSU Parking Services Office and show them your parking pass with the YACK sticker to get a pass card to unlock the gates. Allows you to park in any area known as C at the University of Akron (Commuter Parking). After 4:00 p.m., you can park in any C (Commuter Parking) area as well as the R7 lot at Kent State. Allows you to park in the non-gated White prepaid parking lots at Cleveland State.