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Sunday service march 21, 2021

Wisdom is fueled by narrative. Wisdom starts with narrative, from parables to The Jungle to family tales passed down around the dinner table. What are the tales that we cherish? Worship Associate Jamie Radcliffe performs a reading from Thornton Wilder’s Our Town.
Learn about the Secret Kindness Agents’ beginnings, the influence they’ve had in Nebraska and beyond, and how you can become one yourself. The Secret Kindness Agents are tough! Dr. Ferial Pearson gives a reading and a sermon.
Join us for an all-ages service honoring air – the air we breathe, the air that blows around us in winds, and the air that warms us on a sunny day. We’ll blow bubbles, do a couple of group craft projects, share our hearts, and sing songs that lift our spirits. What has the wind of change done recently in your life? Chelsea Krafka, Religious Growth Director, will lead the readings and sermon, which will be co-led by Julie Enersen and Jack Forbes Wilson. AuraLee Furgason performs an impromptu solo.
“Solitude and solidarity don’t clash with one another; they complete one another,” writes Quaker theologian Parker Palmer. How do we sustain introspective patterns while remaining connected to a larger community?

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Rev. Mary Moore will be preaching in our pulpit for six months, from May 2021 to May 2022. Rev. Moore has 40 years of experience as a Settled and Interim Unitarian Universalist minister. Rev. Moore will continue to minister remotely from her home in Bloomington, Illinois.
Since January of 2020, Ashleigh Fuson has served as the Director of Religious Education at Second Unitarian. She previously attended the University of Nebraska-Omaha, where she earned a degree in Library Science from the College of Education. She has worked in libraries in Lincoln, La Vista, and UNO’s archival collection, as well as being a reviewer of children’s literature.
Ashleigh’s Religious Education background includes five years as chair of the Religious Growth and Learning Committee at the Unitarian Church of Lincoln, as well as teaching religious education classes. From 2014 to 2020, Ashleigh directed Our Whole Lives (OWL) instruction in Lincoln as a licensed facilitator. She also led the church’s Youth in Action initiative, which involved high school students in community service and fundraising activities.

“anchored over the horizon” with rev. oscar sinclair, lincoln

Lincoln’s Unitarian Church has a long and fascinating tradition. On September 1, 1870, the First Universalist Society of Lincoln held its first meeting. W. W. Holmes, S. J. Tuttle, J. H. Parker, Mrs. Sarah Parker, Mrs. Julia Brown, Mrs. Laura B. Pound, and Mrs. Mary Monell were among the Society’s founding members.
The State Legislature granted the Society three lots on the northwest corner of 12th and H Streets. They raised funds for a chapel over the next two years. The chapel was dedicated on June 23, 1872, after the cornerstone was laid in October of 1871. Prior to the construction of the chapel building, services were performed in the State Capitol’s senate chamber.
Over the next two decades, the congregation grew steadily, necessitating the construction of a new, larger church. On the same plot as the original chapel, a new brick church was built in 1892. On September 24, 1893, this church was dedicated. All Souls Unitarian Church will later be named after this church building.

First worship 2-28-21

We’re a compassionate culture that combines rational thought with spiritual inquiry. Each member and friend is free to pursue his or her own religious quest, and what a member believes today may not be true tomorrow. And that’s just fine with us! We gather in a variety of ways to provide mutual support on our different journeys and to work together to create a better society, both inside and outside the church. The Green Sanctuary Committee’s mission is to raise environmental awareness, reinforce the link between spiritual practice and earth consciousness, collaborate with allies through collective action, and work for environmental justice.