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If the colleges mentioned below offer an equivalent course, you can pass credits earned at NECC to them. Each school provides these online resources to assist you in determining whether or not the credits you received at NECC will be approved for transfer.
“Transferring has been wonderful and simple. To be honest, I believe that attending Northern Essex and then moving to a four-year institution is the best option. You get a good education for a good price. Since NECC trains you to be self-sufficient, it’s a simple transfer to a four-year college.” CJay’s story can be found here.

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The University of Massachusetts Lowell wants to keep its options open when it comes to transferring eligible students. It is critical to state on your application which major you wish to pursue. Current vacancies in the department will decide the number of transfer students admitted into each degree program. Please keep in mind that not all transfer credits approved by the university can apply to all majors. Incoming music majors must audition, and incoming art majors must submit portfolios. To equate your college courses to UMass Lowell course equivalencies, please use our Transfer Dictionary. See the Requirements by Major for curriculum curricula. Articulation Agreements with community colleges are constantly being clarified and implemented at UMass Lowell. If you are transferring from a Massachusetts community college to UMass Lowell, you may be eligible for the Mass Transfer Program, which provides you with provisional admission to a state college or a UMass campus when you enroll at a Massachusetts community college.

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The TCE form can also be used to check the transfer course equivalency (TR EQ) of a posted course that is given generic CS credit upon entry, such as COMPSCI 1TRA, COMPSCI 1TRB, and so on, or to check the transfer course equivalency (TR EQ) of Five College courses (5C EQ). For these, only the TCE type is needed.
Prerequisites for registration and equivalents: If you agree that any of your generic transfer credit should be approved as a COMPSCI course, you should begin the review phase as soon as possible after admission to ensure that the TCE process is completed before your advising/registration session. If your course(s) are still pending until your advising session, you can only enroll in courses that are not dependent on your TCE. For example, if you believe you have a transfer course equivalent for COMPSCI 250 that is still pending a decision, do not enroll in COMPSCI 311, which requires 250. Choose a different direction.
The Residency Prerequisite in the College of Information and Computer Sciences has a cap on the amount of transfer courses that will be approved to fulfill upper level CS courses (300+) against major requirements, as follows:

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Transfer Services at Bristol provides you with the required transfer counseling to pursue your education at four-year colleges and universities. Updated transfer and scholarship records, application assistance, and transcript reviews and consultations are just a few of the resources and services available. Special transition plans are available to help you achieve your educational objectives.
You may attend transition seminars designed to discuss the steps in the transfer process in addition to individual transfer therapy appointments. Throughout the academic year, you will have the opportunity to meet representatives from four-year institutions at a number of programs and activities.
Bristol Community College Associate Degree graduates will be able to complete their Bachelor’s Degree at Bay State College thanks to our new Articulation Agreement in the IT, Management, and Criminal Justice programs. This agreement is intended to make the transition from one college to the next as seamless as possible. No course work will be duplicated. Bay State College has campuses in the center of Boston’s Back Bay and Taunton, Massachusetts. Students may take classes during the day, evening, on-campus, or online because of the flexible schedules.