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Both graduates, former students, and current students must now submit electronic transcript requests via Parchment. Requests for official printed transcripts should also be sent via Parchment. Official transcript requests via e-mail or fax are not accepted. Mail orders (payable by check) will be approved in the future.
Official electronic transcripts must be ordered via Parchment and are distributed through secure certified PDF to any valid email address. The recipient is informed by email that the electronic PDF transcript is available for download from a secure web site. You may connect files to your transcript order; you must upload an electronic version of the document that needs to be included with your order. Electronic transcripts cost $4 per official copy and $1 per attachment, and can only be paid for with a credit card. It’s a good idea to double-check with the transcript recipient to see whether they approve electronic transcript delivery before choosing this choice. Many government departments and military websites would be unable to open Parchment PDF transcripts. We recommend sending paper transcripts to those with a.gov email address.

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Students who attended Bryant & Stratton College (BSC) as well as institutions where BSC has assumed custodial responsibility may request transcripts from BSC. In the order in which they are sent, all written requests will be processed.
Bryant & Stratton College students would need to submit an official transcript via Parchment. This is a two-step method that begins with setting up a Parchment account and ends with requesting a transcript from Parchment.
To obtain an official transcript from one of the institutions mentioned below, download the Transcript Request form (PDF), print it, fill it out, and mail it to Bryant & Stratton College with a check or money order made payable to Bryant & Stratton College. Please follow the directions on the transcript request form for mailing. Requests submitted to the wrong campus would cause the processing period to be extended. You will find a list of Bryant & Stratton College campus addresses here.
To request an enrollment verification for one of the institutions mentioned below, use the appropriate link below to email the verification form, which contains the requisite signature to approve the release of the details to the corresponding Bryant & Stratton College campus. The processing period will be extended if the request is submitted to the wrong campus.

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Active students will find their unofficial transcript under Academics-My Academics-Transcript in COIN for Students. Please notice that your web browser’s pop-up blocker must be turned off since a PDF document will open in a new tab. Download the transcript as a PDF file to your machine if you want to save it.
Important Note: Official transcript requests for those with past due balances or other transcript holds will not be approved. If a hold remains, you will be informed via the email address you provided on your order request. If the hold is not lifted within 30 days, the electronic transcript order is cancelled.
There are two ways to order an official UMass Dartmouth transcript online from the National Student Clearinghouse website at https://www.studentclearinghouse.org/students/ for current students and students who attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth AFTER September 1991:

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The National Student Clearinghouse has been approved by Bunker Hill Community College to provide official academic transcript ordering through the Internet. For Bunker Hill Community College, go to the National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering Center.
Transcripts may be ordered with any big credit card. After your order has been completely processed, your card will be paid. Order notifications will be sent to you via text message and will also be emailed. You can also use your email address and order number to monitor your order online.
To complete your transcript order, you must sign a consent form. A consent form for your order will be produced for your convenience, which you can accept online or return via fax, mail, or as a scanned email attachment.
Note that requests sent via the US Postal Service can take an average 5-7 business days to arrive. Bunker Hill Community College does not guarantee the accuracy of the mailing details included with the order. The College is not liable if the USPS fails to deliver.