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UMass Boston’s ten colleges offer more than 150 undergraduate and graduate programs, including top-ranked nursing, business, and public policy programs, and The Princeton Review has called the university one of the “Best in the Northeast” on multiple occasions.
One of UMass Boston’s most valuable assets is its extremely diverse student body. UMass Boston fosters a collaborative, multicultural atmosphere where students from a range of backgrounds learn to approach problems from diverse viewpoints, with students hailing from more than 140 countries.
The beautiful oceanfront campus of UMass Boston, located on Boston Harbor, provides students with direct access to downtown Boston, which has a rich, vibrant community and one of the nation’s strongest economies. Approximately 500 companies hire on campus, giving UMass Boston’s bright students the chance to work with some of the world’s most prestigious companies in fields ranging from banking and technology to health care and education.
UMass Boston trains students to address some of the world’s most important problems and succeed in a global economy through its ten colleges and schools, which offer 77 undergraduate and 130 graduate programs.

Umass boston

The university’s campus encompasses 120 acres of land. The Harbour campus is what it’s called. A campus center, university hall, Wheatley hall, research center, McCormack Hall, Healey library, administration building, service & supply building, integrated science complex, athletic center, east residence hall, west residence hall, and west garage are among the facilities on the campus. On campus, students have access to all of the required amenities. Near the campuses, there are several restaurants and cafes. It is also similar to several stationery stores, department stores, and pharmacies for the convenience of students. The campus has convenient access to public transportation.
The campus offers a calm learning atmosphere for the students. The university’s facilities house the Centre for Environmental Health, Science & Technology, Centre for Green Chemistry, Centre for Social Policy, Labour Resource Centre, Centre for Survey Research, Centre for Social Development, Institute for International & Comparative Education, Institute for Learning & Teaching, and Institute for Asian American Studies.

Umass boston campus center

The University of Massachusetts Boston, metropolitan Boston’s only public university, offers its diverse student population both an intimate learning atmosphere and the rich experience of a great American city, with an increasing reputation for groundbreaking research addressing complex issues. More than 16,000 students are served by UMass Boston’s ten colleges and graduate schools, which engage local, national, and foreign constituents through academic programs, research centers, and public service initiatives. Visit www.umb.edu to learn more about UMass Boston.


Our waterfront campus, which overlooks Boston Harbor, is just minutes from Boston, the world’s greatest college town. UMass Boston is one of only 170 universities in the country designated as high activity research universities. We have students from 150 countries and 49 states, making us New England’s most diverse public research university. More than 16,800 students attend UMass Boston’s 11 colleges and schools. Internships, jobs, community service, and study opportunities abound in Boston. UMass Boston is a fantastic value because of its strong academic reputation and low cost.
A diverse variety of student groups provide social opportunities on campus and in the local metro area. More than 80 undergraduate majors, minors, and research programs, as well as master’s and doctoral degree programs, are available at UMass Boston.
Unless applying as a no-test choice applicant, candidates must submit acceptable SAT I or ACT ratings. Incoming freshmen have an average SAT score of 1080 (old SAT) or 1150 (new SAT) (new). The average ACT composite score is 24 points. Since standardized tests, while helpful, do not accurately represent all students’ academic abilities, UMass Boston offers a no-test alternative. On their Popular Application or UMass Boston Online Application, students can choose the?No Test Option.?