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Emotional intelligence can mean the difference between socially appropriate behavior and being seen as out of line. Although most people have heard of emotional intelligence, few people really understand how to recognize it –…
Many people have had disturbing, heated, and painful experiences with people at work, school, on social media, with family members, and even with friends as a result of holding political discussions in today’s context. If the discussion is presented in terms of Liberals or Conservatives…
The Boston Career Fair will be held on June 22, 2017. Hiring Events & Job Fairs On May 21, 2017, the Naturejobs Career Expo will be held in Boston, Massachusetts | Jobs in China The National Career Fair will be held in Waltham on April 26th and 27th, 2017. In NYC, Edelman is searching for an accomplished researcher. Workshop on LinkedIn Profiles

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Regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or speech, age, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, disability, military status, genetic details, pregnancy or a pregnancy-related disorder, or membership in any other protected class, the University of Massachusetts Boston offers equal employment opportunities to all workers and applicants for employment.
Since UMass understands that its workers are the institution’s cornerstone, it provides competitive workplace benefits, work-life balance, and opportunities for advancement. Working at UMass is more than a job; it’s a place where workers can put their skills to use, learn new ones, and advance their careers while contributing to the university’s mission. Job seekers in Massachusetts who are searching for Patient Experience Representative jobs should look here. Boston Children’s Hospital has a number of government jobs available. Patient Experience Representative Jobs are available at Boston Children’s Hospital in the United States of America.

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A resume is a document that summarizes your schooling, work experience, and skills in a simple, succinct, and convincing manner, tailored to the job role you are applying for. If the employer requires it, you must include a cover letter whenever you give a resume or application to them. This is simply your sales pitch, demonstrating why your qualifications and expertise are the perfect match for their requirements. Your cover letter should introduce you as a professional, highlight the most relevant experiences or skills from your resume, and make a direct link between your skills and the particular role or workplace to which you are applying.
In a way, your resume is an advertisement for you and the skills you can give the employer. It can, like all good ads, convey vital information in a matter of seconds. The most important thing about your resume is that it can get you an interview. Each resume you submit to an employer should be customized to the job in question. You must carefully examine the advertisement or posting for key terms and explain your qualifications and experience in a way that corresponds to the job description, even using the exact words from the job description. To figure out the best way to market yourself to a particular employer, do some research on the business and make some informed assumptions on what they want. Translate your insight into their language and see it from their point of view. Present yourself in terms that will pique the attention of your target employer. See the documents below for more information.

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Did you know that the University of Massachusetts has over 330,000 alumni living and working all over the world? And did you know that over 220,000 of those alumni live and work in Massachusetts, where they serve as leaders and contributors to the vitality of our communities, industries, and culture? Yes, that is right!
Find out how alumni and friends can stay connected with UMass and benefit from their association through rewards, programs, activities, continuing education, and other opportunities by clicking on the links below.
Learn about the many services and opportunities available to UMass alumni by starting here. Use the online alumni network to find a classmate, submit a class message, update your personal details, donate, and learn about reunions, group travel packages, and alumni discounts. Attend a concert, reunion, alumni reception, lecture, art show, or any of the many other activities held at UMass on a daily basis to stay linked, entertained, and educated.