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How is criminal background and disciplinary information taken into account: Despite the fact that we ask for your criminal background on your application, the details you provide will not be used to assess your admissions candidacy. Candidacy will be determined solely on the basis of your academic results, test scores, extracurricular activities, thesis, suggestions, and other factors. Only after you have been determined to be admissible can one of our directors review the criminal background records you have submitted. This separate investigation would be conducted to see if the illegal activity was significant enough to influence the admissions decision. If we conclude that your previous criminal background will have a negative impact on your candidacy for admission, we will usually ask you to provide additional details to assist us in making our decision.
(Note: If the criminal adjudication or conviction: (1) has been expunged, sealed, annulled, pardoned, destroyed, erased, impounded, or otherwise ordered by a court to be kept confidential; (2) was a first conviction for misdemeanor drunkenness, simple assault, speeding, minor traffic violations, or disturbance of the peace; or (3) was a first conviction for misdemeanor drunkenness, simple assault, speeding, minor traffic violations, or disturbance of

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15.0 percent for a bachelor’s degree in business/marketing.

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12.0% of the population were educated in the social sciences.

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10.0 percent biology

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9.0 percent of people work in the health professions.

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8.0 percent psychology

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7.0 percent engineering

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6.0 percent Communications/Journalism

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6.0 percent for interdisciplinary studies
Agribusiness and Related Sciences Sustainable Agriculture and Agroecology B B D M B D M B D M B D M B D M B D M B D M B D M B General AC, Applied Horticulture/Horticulture Operations A Production rop B D M in Food Science Horticultural Science B is a bachelor’s degree program in horticulture Agriculture International C APlant Sciences, General B, Landscaping and Groundskeeping M Ethnic, Cultural, and Gender Studies A B Region, Turf and Turfgrass Management African Studies are the study of Africa. B D M African-American/Black Studies Native American/American Indian Studies CAsian Civilization/Studies C Studies on lesbians and gays American Studies CLatin B Near and Middle Eastern Studies CNear and Middle Eastern Studies CNear and Middle Eastern Studies CNear Russian Studies (B) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C B in Women’s Studies
Biological and biomedical sciences are two fields of study that are related to each other. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B is a course in biochemistry and molecular biology. BBiostatistics DMBiology/Biological Sciences, General MBiotechnology is a term that refers to a DBotany/Plant Biology CBotany/Plant Biology D MEpidemiology D MEvolutionary Biology D MCell/Cellular and Molecular Biology D MCell/Cellular and Molecular Biology D MCell/Cellular and Molecular Biology D MCell/Cellular B D MMicrobiology, General B D MExercise Physiology and Kinesiology MExercise Physiology and Kinesiology MExercise Physiology and Kinesiology MExercis D D MNeuroscience MNeuroscience MNeuroscience MNeuroscience

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Amherst, Massachusetts, is a wonderful, small, quaint New England town with many shops and restaurants. It’s a fantastic place to be a college student; several companies cater to students, and we have a fantastic relationship with the city of Amherst. We’re regularly ranked among the best college towns in the world, and I believe one of the main reasons for that is that our students aren’t the only ones who live here.
So, as I said, we have 23,000 students, but there are four other small colleges in the area: Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, Amherst College, and Hampshire College, all of which have students in town and in the surrounding towns, so it’s not only Amherst, but the surrounding towns as well. And I think it’s a fantastic thing to live in a community where there are so many college students that you can meet new people every day, even if they don’t go to the same school as you.
The Five College Consortium has permitted Five College students to take classes at each of the other colleges over the years, and each college has reserved seats in our classes for students from other colleges. As a result, everything works out well. And, yes, you might be wondering if students who identify as male are permitted to attend women’s colleges. Yes, is the answer. Students can ride the free bus to any of the other colleges at any time. It’s extremely practical. We should make arrangements to eat at the dining halls of the other campuses. Of course, we can use all of the libraries. We may join clubs at each of the schools, as well as engage in non-varsity sports at the other colleges.

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The following is a comprehensive guide to moving to UMass Amherst. We recommend that you read all the way to the end; you can also use the calculator below to estimate your chances of being able to move to UMass Amherst.
The total expense of attending UMass Amherst is $N/A. The companies listed below all provide private student loans to UMass Amherst students to help fund the cost of their education… We’ve teamed up with Edvisors to bring you these vendors and keep the deal current.
The following policies have been noted by UMass Amherst: When students transfer to the university after completing an accredited Mass Transfer associate’s degree program, they will be awarded a minimum of 60 semester hours and completion of general education requirements. The deadline for Spring Mass Transfer applications is October.
Regardless of why you’re moving, you’re already enrolled at another college or university, because you already know that the people and culture are the most valuable aspects of your college experience.
You should have a current GPA of at least 3.9 to have a chance of moving to UMass Amherst; preferably, the GPA would be around 4.06. You will also be required to request standardized test results.