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• Reservations • Regular Self-Health Check • Face Coverings • Social Distancing • Member Services & Turnstile Entrance • Facilities & Operations • Spring Recreation Schedule • Cleaning Techniques for Locker Rooms, Restrooms, and Towel Counters • Areas for cardio and weights • Areas for stretching • Pools • Swim Lessons • Leisure Turf Fields • Community Exercise Classes • Gymnasium/Open Play • Track • Activity Rooms/RSO Reservations • Pools • Swim Lessons • Recreation Turf Fields Personal Training • Dietary Therapy • Sporting Activities
Campus Recreation is dedicated to the campus community’s fitness, safety, and well-being. We’ve been working hard to have the best experience possible. With the aim of protecting the campus environment, we have introduced a range of safety initiatives in compliance with University and State guidelines. We ask for your patience and ability to learn new ways of doing things as we reopen. You’ll find de-densifying, social distancing, and disinfecting steps on your first visit. This includes updates to the front desk and entrance turnstiles, as well as upgrades to the cardio and weights areas, as well as programs and facilities.

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A: The Community Center has a wide range of wellness and recreation options. The Rec Center has four exercise rooms for community workout classes and instructional sessions, an elevated jogging track that overlooks the wood court gymnasium, a health center, equipment checkout, and towel facilities, in addition to a large range of aerobic, free weights, and selectorized equipment.
A: Access to the Community Center and other recreation facilities (Boyden gymnasium, handball/squash courts & pool, Curry Hicks pool, Mullins tennis courts), intramural sports participation (undergraduates, alumni, faculty/staff), group exercise classes, diet advising, equipment checkout, and towel service are all included in membership.
A: Many patrons only use leisure facilities for a particular workout area and/or form of equipment or operation, such as patrons who come to Boyden or Curry Hicks during the lunch hour to play basketball, run on a treadmill, use the dumbbells, take community fitness lessons, or swim. There’s no way to grant partial leisure access in a realistic way. In most cases, there is a single charge for all. Many health insurance plans now reimburse a portion or all of the cost of a health/fitness membership.

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**Retirees, associates, alumni, community, and visitors are not required to compete in intramural sports** Membership provides access to facilities during recreation hours, group exercise classes, diet advising, equipment & towel checkout, and involvement in intramural sports.
A member’s associate member(s) — spouse, intimate partner, and/or dependent(s) [ages 6-26] — may be funded. Associate members can show their receipt to the UCard office in 168 Whitmore to obtain a leisure facilities badge after buying membership at the Recreation Center.
For more details, please contact your health-care provider. If necessary, Member Services will provide you with a letter of documentation, but retain your receipt and application form. Members of the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) are entitled to a partial reimbursement. Please contact GEO for more information.

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The University of Massachusetts Amherst’s campus is almost entirely located in Amherst, Massachusetts, with a small section in Hadley. The campus, which started on 310 acres in rural Western Massachusetts, has expanded to nearly 1,450 acres. 1st
The campus can be seen as a concentric ring system. Parking lots, the admissions center, playing fields, and animal science barns are all located in the outermost ring. The seven residential areas and dining commons (there are four dining commons on campus: Franklin, Worcester, Berkshire, and Hampshire) are located in the middle ring. Despite the fact that Berkshire was recently upgraded and is considered the best dining hall, Worcester has the largest number of diners.) The majority of the classroom buildings and research laboratories are located in the innermost ring.
The Murray D. Lincoln Campus Center and Hotel, designed by Marcel Breuer, the Southwest Residential Area designed by Hugh Stubbins Jr, the Fine Arts Center designed by Kevin Roche, the W.E.B. Du Bois Library designed by Edward Durell Stone, and Warren McGuirk Alumni Stadium designed by Gordon Bunshaft of Skidmo Many of the older dorms and lecture halls, such as French Hall, Fernald Hall, and Flint Laboratory, are built in the Georgian Revival style.