Tyler perry son baptism

Tyler perry son baptism

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The entertainment mogul’s only boy, Aman, was christened on Sunday in front of a host of his celebrity friends, including Oprah Winfrey, Cicely Tyson, Oliver Ripley, Jennifer Hudson, and Gayle King, who welcomed him with longtime girlfriend Gelila Bekele in late November.
On Monday, Perry took to Instagram to celebrate the occasion, sharing a photo of himself posing with the cute decor and thanking his son’s “great Godparents.”
PHOTOS: Here are nine Tyler Perry films that you must see. Tyler Perry (@tylerperry) shared this photo on February 16, 2015 at 9:37 p.m. PST.

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Tyler Perry, one of the highest-paid men in the film industry, had his son’s christening a few years ago, and it was a huge hit because it was a star-studded affair with over-the-top godparents.

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Aman Tyler Perry is a fortunate baby who has a beautiful and caring mother and father as well as incredible godparents.
Oprah’s best friend of more than two decades also attended Aman’s christening celebration.
He is the only child of Tyler Perry, an entertainment entrepreneur, and Gelila Bekele, a model and philanthropist.
A-list guest singers like Jennifer Hudson were also invited by the father.
Gayle posted this on her Instagram account, as seen above, where she noted Tyler’s significant contribution.
‘@tylerperry has many hit movies and TV shows, as well as many names, but Aman’s Dad is the best and most important!’
‘The greatest gift I’m being offered right now is the chance to give the little boy in me something I never had, so that’s what I’m excited about,’ the film mogul father told ‘Extra’ before his son’s birth.
He went on, and we quote him.
‘This beautiful human being that God has allowed to come into my life for me to get to know, because they each have their own personalities, who they are, I’m going to shepherd and usher him…into whatever the child is meant to be.’
Isn’t Aman incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by such brilliant people?
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Tyler Perry wrote, made, and directed The Family That Preys, a 2008 American comedy-drama film. The plot revolves around two families, one affluent and the other working-class, whose lives are entwined in both love and business.
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Pam (Taraji P. Henson), Andrea’s sister, is married to Ben (Tyler Perry) and looks after Andrea’s three-year-old son for extra money while working at their mother’s diner four years later. Andrea, despite having designer clothes and a new Mercedes, does not support their mother financially, much to Pam’s chagrin. Andrea is relishing the benefits of her extramarital relationship with William.

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Tyler and Gelila chose Cicely Tyson, Oprah Winfrey, and Oliver Ripley as godparents for little Aman. The wedding took place in a custom-built church in the backyard of Perry’s Beverly Hills home. The photographs he posted from the event can be seen below. ..
This church was built in my backyard by me. It’s almost identical to the one where my mother grew up. It had been done in her name. I’m sure she was there in spirit with us. Thank you to all of our family and friends who came out to cheer us.
As he posted the images, Tyler wrote the above. Pastor Smokie Norful, Vashawn Mitchell, Yolanda Adams, Jennifer Hudson, and Bill and Kori Withers were all included on the program for the dedication ceremony. On social media, Oprah, Gayle King, and JHud posted images from the gathering.
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