Tying the knot book

Tying the knot book

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Few seasons of life are as special as engagement–the period between singleness and marriage when two people plan to spend the rest of their lives together. They get closer to the chapel with each passing moment, or even second. The couple exudes a scent of excitement and anticipation, where even the tiniest details elicit awe and wonder.
For a variety of factors, the commitment cycle is special. For any couple who has decided to follow the covenant of marriage, the time of engagement is crucial. Most of the festive season is marked by pictures, celebrations, and gifts. However, when anticipating the most important event of one’s life rather than dreaming and preparing for happily ever after, the season can be overcast. Biblical insight and Scriptural meditation, in particular for Christians, call the couple to self-reflection and preparation. Pre-marital counseling is wisely recommended by many pastors. While many people consider “needing therapy” to be a negative diagnosis, pre-marital counseling is actually a form of preventative maintenance. Good marriages necessitate effort, and Christian marriages necessitate a significant amount of sanctification. Pastoral counseling on marriage-related problems will save a lot of heartache and headache later on.

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Rob Green’s book, Tying the Knot, gives soon-to-be married couples a true, optimistic, and actionable vision of Christ-centered marriage. Tying the Knot is a highly applicable premarital therapy book with homework to help every counselor or couple bring important lessons into motion.
This eight-session study walks couples through issues like tension, desires, communication, finances, and intimacy, demonstrating how to overcome each with Christ at the core of the marriage.
Green has helpfully structured the study to entail a manageable (and healthy) 60 minutes of at-home work per session, with questions and exercises to create connection and intimacy at the end of each chapter, knowing the pressures and needs of a couple in their season of engagement.
“Tying the Knot” demonstrates the connection between getting an amazing Savior and issues such as communication and budgeting. Rob Green draws a line from Christ’s obedience and provision to our lives, where it’s easy to slip into mechanistic instruction. I liked how he emphasized the importance of the Christian community in marriage. Anyone doing premarital therapy should read this book.”

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been disappointed by the majority of marriage books. Some of them are much too academic to be used in a traditional church environment. Others are far too superficial and don’t provide something substantive or significant. Others are doctrinally ineffective, portraying marriage as the path to happiness and personal survival. Overall, I’ve found myself finishing whatever the newest, most widely advertised marriage book written by evangelical life’s sexiest and trendiest personality is, just to feel the same way I do after eating gas station sushi: still hungry and a little nauseous.
That is why Rob Green’s book Tying The Knot: A Premarital Guide To A Strong & Lasting Marriage comes highly recommended. If you’re already married, this is a perfect book to go through with your partner. If you’re engaged, this is an excellent resource to buy and study for your fiancé. If you’re a pastor who conducts pre-marital or post-marital counseling on a regular basis, I recommend adding this book to your library. There are four explanations why you should learn, use, and teach Tying The Knot.

Session 1: jesus must be the center of your life

In a society where the biblical values of marriage are sometimes misunderstood, biblically planning for marriage is critical in order to begin marriage in a way that honors the Lord. The habits and thought processes that a couple establishes prior to marriage can have a significant impact on whether or not their marriage succeeds. The book Tying the Knot: A Premarital Guide to a Strong and Lasting Marriage by Rob Green is a great resource for couples who want to plan biblically for marriage.
The book’s central concept is that Jesus must be at the core of all. Marriage is one example, but it is not the only one. Green begins by emphasizing the importance of Christ as the core of each person’s life, then moves on to seven aspects of marriage life. Green explains how Jesus can be the core of both of these facets of a couple’s life and marriage. Joy, problem-solving, roles, communication, finances, culture, and intimacy are among them.
The book has a lot of useful features, but two of them stood out to me while I was reading it. Green begins by laying a biblical framework and then suggests practical steps that couples should take to bring these biblical values into effect. In the chapter on finances, for example, Green discusses biblical concepts for money management before describing a realistic budgeting method that couples should consider as they plan their budget. This harmony leads couples along the steps of putting the book’s biblical values into practice.