Translate equity to spanish

Translate equity to spanish

Equity vs. equality

In 2011, 25.3 million people in the United States had a limited command of the English language (LEP). This statistic includes both residents and non-citizens of the United States (Zong and Batalova, 2015). After English, Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the United States, with non-English languages rising as the country diversifies (Gonzalez-Barrera and Lopez, 2013). This change in demographics has significant consequences for health equity and health literacy.
The translation of health materials used by health professionals is an effective technique for addressing health equity and patient-centered care. Health-related materials are not as simple to translate as you would expect. The authors of this commentary give their thoughts on how to ensure equality in translated health materials.
Let’s assume we have some health information in English that is simple to understand and written at a sixth-grade reading level. It addresses health literacy by ensuring that the intended audience can access, understand, and act on the information to improve their health. A written text for the Internet or print, a video script, or a radio announcement are all possibilities.

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After learning that offering simultaneous translation service for a two-hour city meeting would cost $1,300, Evanston aldermen asked the Equity and Empowerment Commission to make a recommendation about what to do about it this week.
The City of Aurora began offering simultaneous translation of City Council meetings into Spanish earlier this year, with a bilingual member of the city’s communications department performing the translation and headsets borrowed from a nearby school district providing access to the translation for Spanish-speaking residents.
Although Evanston City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz says the city has a number of workers who speak Spanish and have volunteered to help with translations on occasion, none of them have the expertise to handle simultaneous translation.
Professional providers will also offer simultaneous translation by having a translator listen to a video or audio stream of the meeting and talk the translation into headphones from a remote place. The words of the translator are then broadcast to meeting attendees via an app on their smartphones.

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