Tkam part 2 study guide answers

Tkam part 2 study guide answers

To kill a mockingbird | chapter 21 summary & analysis

After you’ve done reading, answer the questions. On the day of the novel test, send your responses to Turnitin for chapters 1-31. To be eligible for credit, you must submit original responses. The questions will help you concentrate on what will be discussed on the mid-year exam’s literary section. One of the novel’s key themes is explored in the following summary. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is something more than a scathing indictment of racial injustice. The literary classic tells the story of a young girl who must grow up in an imperfect world in a moving and caring way. Scout Finch, the novel’s young narrator, is unable to comprehend the moral turmoil that has engulfed the town of Maycomb, where she lives.

To kill a mockingbird | chapter 1 summary & analysis

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To kill a mockingbird | chapter 16 summary & analysis

As summer approaches, Jem has grown too old to be bothered by his younger sibling, much to Scout’s chagrin. Scout’s sadness is compounded by the fact that Dill will not be visiting Maycomb this summer, though Calpurnia helps to alleviate her loneliness. Calpurnia takes the kids to church while Atticus is at a special session of the state legislature. Aunt Alexandra is waiting for them on the porch when they return from church. She says she’ll be coming to live with them for “a bit” at Atticus’ invitation. Aunt Alexandra goes to great lengths to instill in the children the value of Finch breeding, including having Atticus give an uncharacteristic speech to Scout and Jem, which he later recants.
These chapters set the stage for To Kill a Mockingbird’s third and final season. Scout’s true schooling will resume now that school is out. In reality, she, Jem, and Dill will most likely learn the most critical and enduring lessons of their lives this summer. Lee hints at this by mentioning Jem’s changes: Calpurnia begins addressing him as “Mister Jem,” a title reserved for adults, and he develops “a maddening air of wisdom” that irritates Scout. She doesn’t understand why things are changing, but the adults in her life are used to it.

To kill a mockingbird | chapter 12 summary & analysis

Calpurnia gives Atticus a note informing him that Scout and Jem have gone missing, which causes him much anxiety before Mr. Underwood informs him that the children are in the courtroom — in the Colored balcony. Calpurnia chastises the kids on the way home, but Atticus insists they should come back and hear the jury’s decision.
After hearing the facts provided by Atticus, Jem is persuaded that the jury will acquit Tom Robinson. Jem walks out of the courtroom shocked, furious, and weeping after the verdict. The African American group lavishes food on the Finch family for valiantly protecting Tom, which shocks the kids because Atticus did not win. Atticus assures Jem that he will appeal Tom’s lawsuit, and that they will have a much better chance of winning on appeal. The trial is causing a stir in the community, and Miss Stephanie interrogates the kids nonstop before Miss Maudie sides with Atticus and puts an end to the debate.
Bob Ewell openly threatens Atticus in the days after the verdict, which scares the kids. Atticus, on the other hand, takes advantage of the opportunity to better teach his children about the ways of the universe. Scout asks if Walter Cunningham should come over to play while they wait for the appeal, which Aunt Alexandra flatly declines. Aunt Alexandra infuriates Scout in the process, causing Jem to deduce why Boo Radley prefers to stay indoors.