The project charter serves all of the following purposes except:

The project charter serves all of the following purposes except:

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d. managers wield considerable economic and political clout. d. managers wield considerable economic and political clout. 55 Any aspects of an organization’s culture contribute to project performance.
d. A company must have previous experience with similar ventures.
a. An company needs to understand the details of the time value of money.
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In most cases, the reporting of a project cost estimate necessitates
d. create a model to learn more about a potential solution
d. create a model to learn more about a possible solution
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The processes of monitoring and managing project work are referred to as

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The first phase in the Integration Management Information Field is which of the following?

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Create a project charter, a project scope declaration, a project management plan, and a distribution plan.
What of the above is not a part of the Information Field for Integration Management?
A. Oversee and guide project execution B. Create a project management plan C. Disseminate information D. Keep track of and monitor the project’s progress
Which of the following information is missing from the project charter?
A. Initial constraints and assumptions B. Project manager’s name C. Project Management Plan D. All of the above are recorded.
When should the business needs of the company be documented?
A. During the entire project process B. Throughout the preparation phase C. During the initiation phase D. Prior to the start of the initiation phase
When will the project be formally approved?
When the requisite data has been collected, the Project Charter has been approved, the initial assumptions and constraints have been checked, and the Project Manager has been chosen.

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“Do not underestimate the importance of the project charter,” writes Rita Mulcahy in one of her PMP certification prep books. It is such a vital document that no project can begin without it. If the project charter acts as a specification of how progress can be evaluated, the project and project manager will not be effective without one.” So, let’s look at why a project charter is important and what a project charter is all about.
A project charter is a document that marks the beginning of a project or process. It officially validates the project’s life and acts as a potential reference point. From beginning to end, the charter provides management with guidance and a sense of mission. “Take great pride and care in your project charter because this is where you plant the good seeds,” Randy Tango, a business-driven project practitioner, said in one of his blogs. It will take care of you in the end.”
A project charter specifies the project manager and determines the project manager’s authority. It empowers the project manager to make use of organizational resources to achieve the project’s goals.

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A project charter, project concept, or project declaration is a statement of a project’s scope, goals, and participants used in project management. It determines the project manager’s authority, describes the project’s primary priorities, identifies the major stakeholders, and offers a preliminary delineation of roles and responsibilities. 1st
This paper is known as the project charter in the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD). It’s known as the project definition study in customer relationship management (CRM). This document is required as part of the project management process by both IPD and CRM.
The charter for each step of a complex multi-phased project can be generated separately. During the Scope and Seek phase of a project, for example, an initial charter will be developed, followed by a Planning charter and an Execution charter during the build phase.