The meaning of life experiment

The meaning of life experiment

Day 1: introduction to meditation | ashok gupta

Ashok Gupta’s meaning of life experiment includes regular teaching videos and 20-minute meditations directed by Gupta on an iphone app. Since consciousness is a fundamental property of matter, Ashok Gupta emphasizes the importance of how it emerges in the brain. The author conducted Gupta’s meaning of life experiment and came to the conclusion that consciousness is a function of the brain’s complex wiring. Despite the fact that he struggled to complete the experiment, the author insists that a life coach is important to make sense of life.


This app has been very helpful to me. I have a number of meditations to choose from depending on how I’m feeling at the time. The video clips are thought-provoking and leave me with a lot to consider and investigate. This app has been a great companion in assisting me in continuing my spiritual exploration while also assisting me in recovering from a chronic illness. My reasoning for giving it four instead of five stars is as follows: On my iPhone 5s, it can be difficult to open the app at times. The majority of the time, closing other apps resolves the problem, but every now and then, even with all other apps closed, I am unable to open this app. I may access the meditations and videos on the MOL website, but it takes more navigation. This app is one I would recommend to anyone who is interested in personal and spiritual development, or who needs some help getting started.
This app’s content is deserving of five stars. Each day is divided into different modules. You can choose between a 10-minute or 20-minute meditation, an educational video to watch, and regular journal entries. It covers everything from quantum physics to cognitive psychology to spiritual healing, as well as how they’re all connected. The software, on the other hand, is buggy; it freezes at times, the video doesn’t always play, and the app doesn’t always record my meditation minutes. However, once these minor annoyances are resolved, it is well worth the download and regular use.

Day 2: science vs spirituality parts 1 & 2 | ashok

The Meaning of Life Experiment is a free app that uses happiness science to help you explore more happiness, meaning, and your life purpose. On your app or here on the website timeline, you can access a powerful 10 or 20 minute Meditation, a Video, and some Reflection Questions each day. For 30 days, it takes about 30 minutes a day.
Normally, the resources we’ve included in this free app will cost hundreds of dollars. If you believe the app has helped you in some way, you can contribute to future productions based on those benefits. This is referred to as “Pay-It-Forward.”
To change humanity’s story into one in which we live inspired lives by joyfully expressing our common human values. We do this by using Meditation, Self-Knowledge, and Service to motivate ourselves to become more mindful of restricting thoughts, feelings, or behaviors so that we can reach our full potential.
We really believe in giving people the tools they need to make a difference in the world. We will create a community where people are living their potential and enriching their societies by assisting them in discovering their Life Purpose. We can form a Conscious Change Family as a result of this, assisting in the development of a more conscious society.

Join the 10-day meditation challenge | ashok gupta

The Meaning of Life Experiment, which was recently introduced, is a fully free Happiness App built especially for the Happiness App challenge. It’s a fun journey of self-discovery in which people try out different tools to see how they can improve their happiness and well-being. At the start and end of the experiment, participants rated their happiness levels. Users can access 30 HQ original inspirational videos and interactive workouts, as well as 30 Meditations and seven 3-minute Stress Busters, via the App. Over 25 hours of free content are available. After that, users will participate in a Global Conversation to share their thoughts with people all over the world.
The app is focused on 20 years of research into Happiness Science, Emotion Neurology, and Stress Management. It’s for someone who wants to improve their happiness and well-being while also finding their true potential in life. When you move through the timeline, you’ll be able to access all of the material for free.