The division survival guide

The division survival guide

The division | survival guide & tips

This The Division walkthrough will show you where to find all 24 Survival Guide Pages, allowing you to receive the Survivalist trophy and the Meadow Jacket cosmetic piece. Survival Guide Pages, along with Phone Recordings, Incident Reports, Crashed Drones, Missing Agents, and ECHOs, make up the game’s Intel, which totals 293 items.
Note: To make the most of this guide, keep in mind that the photos for each Survival Guide Page in The Division are located above the location description. Each one includes a map and a close-up picture of the Survival Guide Page. Use our in-game map photos to find the location of each Survival Guide Page and use it as a starting point for your journey. Read through them all, including April Kelleher’s notes, until you have them all.
You now have the Meadow Jacket in your Inventory if you followed along and obtained all 24 Survival Guide Pages. There’s a lot more to do, so check out The Division Walkthrough and Guide to keep yourself occupied.

The division – all 24 survival guides (survivalist)

OTHER COLLECTIBLES is currently being loaded. Drones That Have Collided Incident Reports from ECHO Agents who have gone missing Recordings on the Phone The first page of April’s survival guide can be found inside a building off of W 23rd Street, between 8th and 9th Avenue. You can reach the building from either 23rd Street or a small alley behind it and fly to the top floor.
This survival book page is also inside a warehouse, off of W 22nd street, where you’ll see a lot of possessions, junk, and debris strewn across the road between 8th and 9th avenues.
Starting at the intersection of 41st Street and 10th Avenue, continue east on 41st until you see scaffolding on the south side. Get up and through the window using the cord. The tour guide will be waiting for you in the kitchen.
Starting at the intersection of 9th Ave and 29th St, walk north on 29th until you enter a set of wooden doors on the north side of the street. On the other hand, you can find a similar pair, but this pair is easier to find. To get the page of the guide, go to the top floor and enter.

The division | survival guide

The First Steps

Meine beste runde survival? – the division survival

You must first download the DLC, either from the Xbox Games Store or from the Store option in the game’s pause menu, before attempting these achievements. If mounted, go to the Base of Operations extension (where you can see other players) and look to the left of the two Search & Destroy agents for the Survival entrance.
Choose your favorite mode (PVP or PVE), matchmaking for a group, or simply riding solo and looking for a game. You don’t need to be concerned about your current gear or arms because they make no difference to your Survival attempt.
Outside of the Dark Zone, you can continue to explore and loot as much as possible before the clock hits about 32-35 minutes. Keep for a few seconds to check the timer. From here, make your way to the nearest hideout near a DZ entrance, prepare your guns, gear, and clothes, and spend the final 25-30 minutes inside the DZ.

The division all survival guide pages locations l intel

This guide will show you where to find all of The Division’s Survival Guide sites. There are several collectibles strewn around Tom Clancy’s The Division, but finding the 24 Survival Guide Pages earns you the Survivalist Trophy and the Meadow Jacket piece for your character.
First and foremost, activate the Canine Unit through your Security Wing before going in search of these sites. After you’ve completed all of the game’s encounters and side quests, pick up the Intel Discovery Perk, which allows you to see all available Intel on a map.
Most of these, as well as loot crates and other bits of information, can be found in ruined apartments, so take your time scavenging to see what you can find. This guide will assist you, but there is also additional information available.
Any Intel you may be missing can be sorted by zooming in as closely as possible on parts of the map to see what you’ve lost. This is also a perfect way to go over any missions you haven’t finished yet, as well as any possible loot crates.