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I’ve wanted to make a modular out of the 21319 Central Perk package since it was published. I couldn’t find one that satisfied me after some searching, so I started designing one (digitally) myself. I kept all of the original details, but I was able to fit them on a standard modular 32×32 baseplate. A staircase to the second floor would be on the right side. I was going to make New York-style apartments for Joe, Monica, and Phoebe above Central Perk (I know they don’t live there), but it was suggested that I make the 21302 Big Bang Theory apartment above it instead. That’s a fantastic idea, because both LEGO Ideas sets would be modular (with added bricks of course). It would be difficult to design a complete Big Bang Theory apartment since the Lego Ideas collection is less complete than the Central Perk set.
Below is the current result; I hope you like it; any feedback is appreciated. When it’s done, I’ll post FREE building instructions on Rebrickable, but it could take a while because I’ll be building it in real bricks first.

The digital big bang | available now

‘How about some fun?’ If you like math, you will enjoy having a tooth extracted. A viral infection is entertaining. “Rabies shots are entertaining.” Since mathematics is consistent, God exists, and the devil exists because we can’t prove it.’ My mother had me checked to make sure I wasn’t insane.
They are certain. They say it describes the red change and background radiation. However, there is one major flaw: something had to be present before it could begin. Big Bang, on the other hand, claims that there was nothing before it to initiate something. The aliens you’re talking about don’t believe in the Big Bang theory.
They’ve been seen by everyone here.
Why does anything have to happen before the big bang?
Why was there an explosion if everything was packed into this tiny space and was clearly very stable in that form? Where did that teeny-tiny room come from?
Well…I don’t believe in aliens…they look scary…but there was an enormous force during the explosion…if all was blank before the big bang, where would such an enormous power come from…?
If all was blank before the big bang, where did such immense force come from…?
What was its purpose in being there? Do you ever look out the window and think to yourself, “Wow, look at all those things, I suppose they just popped out of nowhere and became houses, highways, and cars…?”

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This isn’t a concern at all. Only a quick comment/review of my experience attending a Big Bang Theory taping on March 14, 2017. Even though there are ratings for talk shows like Conan, one cannot check show tapings for The Big Bang Theory for some reason.
This is an incredible experience, and instead of taking a studio tour, I highly recommend watching a show taping. The Warner Brothers studio tour, for example, costs $65 per person plus $12 for parking. We felt cheated after completing the tour.
If you see a show taping there, you can watch it for free and park for free inside the WB grounds. It’s also a lot more fun to watch a show being taped. A show taping does take up a significant portion of the day, which is a disadvantage.
Simply follow online guidelines from different blogs/forums for something like The Big Bang Theory. Getting tickets to a common show like this requires some preparation and foresight. I followed the directions and made sure I was online 30-days ahead of time, about 8:30 a.m. PST, at the ticketing site. I began testing at 8:00 a.m. PST and continued to do so during the day, as the exact time tickets are issued varies.

Hard evidence that supports the big bang theory and

I’ve been doing some research to see what new slots have arrived since my last trip to Vegas in 2012, and I’ve discovered that The Big Bang Theory slots are set to debut in early 2015. Has anyone seen any on the strip yet?
I was about to say something about the second edition. It was a $1 computer that I found at Casino Royal. You get to spin a wheel with different cash sums as part of the incentive. It was impossible to skip the whole slot machine!
At our nearby casino, they have the Big Bang Slot. It’s a cross between Batman and the Hangover slots. Because of the large wheels on top, Batman, and Hangover, because you can play up to four games at the same time. From what I’ve seen, it seems to be a rip-off. I spent about an hour watching some people play the game and they were completely defeated! They were also receiving incentives in the amount of (several hundred dollars). They were betting the maximum ($6 per spin) and “winning” only $3 per spin. Then they’d get a bonus, which would be around $20.