Texas school classroom space requirements

Texas school classroom space requirements

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There will be a 7-student reduction in secondary math and English classes right away. This is in addition to the full abolition of Section 1.5, which previously allowed the district to ignore all class size averages and caps at its discretion.
All class size limits are now focused on a legally binding MOU. The new MOU, which runs from 2017 to 2018, is now in effect and will be gradually reduced over the next four years. The following is the reduction of class sizes by norm day, and increased equity investment will reduce certain class sizes over the course of the four years:

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Each district must keep an average student-to-teacher ratio of no more than 20 students per teacher. Except for the last 12 weeks of the school year, the district does not enroll more than 22 students in a class for kindergarten through fourth grade. Districts with significant migrant populations may surpass the 22-to-1 ratio during a 12-week period other than the last 12 weeks of the year, but the district must determine the period. If greater class sizes are part of a District of Innovation initiative, schools that seek exemptions from the cap must inform parents of each affected student in writing. If PE class sizes surpass 45-to-1, schools must clearly define how student safety can be assured. This is a common exception in the District of Innovation.

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(1) Architect—A person who is licensed as an architect under Chapter 1051 of the Texas Occupations Code and is responsible for adhering to the architectural design specifications as well as all other relevant provisions of Chapter 1051.
(B) in compliance with section 74.1 of this title, a summary of the general existence of the district’s instructional program (relating to Essential Knowledge and Skills). The written educational program should include the following information:
(3) Educational standards—
A written document that provides an overview of the planned project, as well as a list of concerns and alternatives, for a proposed new school building or major space renovation. If a school district does not have personnel on staff with experience designing educational specifications, the educational specifications must be created with the aid of a design professional or consultant with experience in school planning and design. When designing educational specifications, the school district must consider feedback from students, other school campus employees, and district program staff. In the educational requirements, the following details should be included:

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Classroom assignments, class schedule preparation, and other unique course scheduling needs are all addressed by Classroom Scheduling in collaboration with the requesting office or department. If you have any concerns, please contact the Registrar’s Office Classroom Scheduling.
For schedulers who have signed up for training for Fall 2021, Banner will open [note that there is a new format for modalities and a shorter training will be offered]. All updates must be submitted to your centralized college schedulers (use the same email address for spring 2021) so that they can begin joining classes.