Superintendent entry plan template

Superintendent entry plan template

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Education Elements assisted a small east coast district’s new superintendent and leadership team in charting a new course for the district’s future. The job necessitated an in-depth understanding of what stakeholders wished to improve and what they wanted to stay the same. Members, students, and community members in a historically high-achieving district knew that it was no longer as powerful as it once was, and that it no longer had the high status it once did. The district was excited to have a new superintendent, but had high hopes about what he could do right away.
Being a new superintendent is difficult for a variety of reasons. You must strike a balance between the need to listen and the need to act. You must hear from all, but you must also be able to filter and appreciate the meaning of their remarks. You should hope for integrity, but be aware that it might not always be forthcoming. You’re attempting to please as many people as possible. The new superintendent needed additional eyes and ears to help him understand what he needed to know as soon as possible so he could establish a strategy for assisting his district in fulfilling its objectives. He wanted a team who could listen, synthesize, and make suggestions so that he could hear all while still ensuring that the process did not take too long.

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Make the most of WASA, your professional association, and the network of colleagues within the company to ease your transition into your new position. WASA’s mission is to support the growth of capable, ethical, and innovative leaders by providing leadership for student learning. As new tools become available, this page will be updated. Please submit any tool or resource ideas you’d like to share with your colleagues.
WASA is committed to helping superintendents who are in transition. Whether a seasoned veteran heading to a new district or a new superintendent, today’s leaders understand that they only have one shot to make the best of their “first 90 days.” WASA understands how important it is to have a smooth and efficient transition. A “mentor” relationship with a counterpart in the area is one of the services given to transitioning superintendents. WASA mentors serve as a friendly and encouraging point of contact for transitioning superintendents, assisting them with:

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The top right corner of the Entry Plan features a list of success metrics that served as my targets for my annual review by my school board (in addition to district and board-directed goals). It was crucial for my team and the entire company to understand what I value and how important I believe performance metrics are in measuring leadership/management effectiveness. The method I use to assess my team is illustrated to the right (you can learn about the system’s principles in five parts). It’s a 360-degree assessment method that allows clinicians to equate their own effectiveness to that of their colleagues. Learn about the system and get in touch with me if you have any questions. The entire pdf can be viewed here or by clicking on the link.
In 2018, when I started as Superintendent of Schools for the William Alvord Unified School District, I devised an entry strategy that served a number of purposes. First and foremost, I needed it to serve as a guide for my first few months on the job, ensuring that I remained on track and completed a series of tasks that I believed were crucial to a successful start, such as establishing relationships with my board and board members, forming a team, meeting a number of key stakeholders, investigating certain facets of the district, and increasing community social capacity.

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I am proud to be the new superintendent of the Bellevue School District, and I look forward to working with our students, educators, families, and community to ensure that we achieve the district’s mission: to provide all students with an outstanding college preparatory education so that they can excel in college, career, and life. I am passionate about this mission and eager to learn more about how it is being carried out in Bellevue’s schools. This is an exciting time to be a part of the Bellevue community, and I am excited to take on this leadership role.
As your new superintendent, I appreciate the thorough recruiting process that our community underwent last spring. I was able to hear the voices of our community – students, parents, teachers, principals, administrators, employees, board members, citizens, and civic leaders – as a result of this process. On several levels, Bellevue has been successful. I want to continue the great tradition that the Bellevue school district and community have built for our students.