Standard process gut flora

Standard process gut flora

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This product worked for me before it was taken off the market. It’s now as diluted as a politician’s mouth. The medical industry and the powers that be have conspired to keep this substance out of the hands of the general public. It must be given to you right now by a doctor. If they can help it, something that can cure you without them is a no-no.
In my stomach, I’ve been fighting a yeast overgrowth. I think it’s Candida. Getting one’s gut back in order is a long process, but I’ve included this product in my strategy. I’m certain it’s assisting me, but I’m taking three a day on an empty stomach. I’m still dealing with leaky gut syndrome, which I’m working to resolve.

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Some of you may be familiar with gut flora, also known as helpful bacteria in the intestines. The thick bacterial lining that covers our intestines is known as flora (micro flora). The majority of people are unaware of how important it is. Do you have anxiety, eczema, or learning difficulties? You should learn more about flora!
Micro flora is the foundation for your body’s entire immune system.
It eliminates the harmful bacteria and viruses that cause a variety of health problems. Vitamins like Vitamin K and parts of the B complex are also processed by your microflora. Micro flora aids in the reduction of cholesterol, the regulation of pH, the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, the reduction of stress and anxiety, the detoxification of toxic materials in the diet, the production of digestive enzymes, and the assimilation of calcium.
Dysbiosis is a condition in which the flora has been weakened or altered. Your immune system is seriously compromised if dysbiosis occurs. It’s often passed on from generation to generation. That’s right, it’s hereditary! If a mother has dysbiosis as a result of repeated antibiotic use or a sugar-laden diet, her child will also have dysbiosis when she gives birth, instantly weakening her child’s immune system! Damaged flora can lead to an incredible amount of health problems. I couldn’t really cover all of them in such a short piece. Menstrual issues, mental issues, eczema, learning disorders (including autism), viruses, worms, and candida are only a few of the issues that may arise.

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Oregano essential oil, Anise (fruit) essential oil, Andrographis, and Phellodendron are all included in the Gut Flora Complex. Many compounds are present in this blend of essential oils and herbs, including monoterpenes (especially trans-anethole, carvacrol, thymol, gamma-terpinene, and p-cymene), diterpenoid lactones (especially andrographolide), and isoquinoline alkaloids (especially berberine). To ensure optimal strength and consistency, each enteric coated capsule is standardized to contain 10 mg of andrographolide and 36 mg of berberine. These herbs, essential oils, and the substances contained within them work together to:

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Palmyra, Wisconsin – 7 July 2020 – Standard Process, a pioneer in whole food-based supplement development, has created GI StabilityTM, a first-of-its-kind supplement containing 2′-Fucosyllactose (2′-FL), Collinsonia root, and whole food ingredients beet and okra powder. GI Stability aids in the maintenance of a stable gut microbiome, the growth of beneficial bacteria, and the immune system*. This is the first time the 2′-FL prebiotic has been paired with whole food ingredients in an easy-to-chew wafer shape for a holistic approach to digestive system help.
“GI Stability is a cutting-edge digestive health commodity with a rare mix of functional ingredients – a herb named Collinsonia root, whole food components beetroot and okra, and the new microbiome-targeting prebiotic, 2′-FL,” according to Standard Process nutrition scientist Weston Bussler, Ph.D. “2′-FL selectively feeds a limited number of good bacteria, which combines well with the whole food ingredients in the recipe, such as beetroot and okra, as balanced diet staples. GI Stability builds on Standard Process’s long history of developing cutting-edge nutrition support.”